My Blogging Story

25 January 2015

Why I started my blog I Want You To Know

Time for one of those reflective posts I mentioned earlier!  I'm always asked why I started blogging and I'm sure that a lot of us can relate to growing up with the internet, listening to that agonising dial-up sound and letting MSN rule our lives.  However a certain creative streak crossed with a need to document made me take things that one step further.  Whether I was writing a story or making a scrapbook full of secondary school memories (I was the girl who wrote captions underneath any trip photos), I always wanted to house my memories in a tangible way.  As soon as we got our first computer I was glued to it, even before the days of the Internet.  I'd write stories that would never get finished (in between minesweeper stints, natch) and back them up to floppy discs.  Drawing was always incorporated, I'd sketch characters and even floor plans whilst also jotting down storylines.  There's no doubt that the the lack of online distractions and responsibilities really helped me unleash my imagination, I was forced to amuse myself in all kinds of ways. 

keeping scrapbooks as a child
keeping scrapbooks as a child
Why I started blogging
Why I started blogging
writing a letter to your future self
I used to keep everything from school, even my first bus pass photo! - Random stories and a page from Just Seventeen that I had no idea why I kept - I made everyone write me messages in my yearbook, I can still remember the inside jokes - An extract from Mizzy's Diary, it was meant to be entered in for a Mizz competition but that never happened! - I also wrote a letter to myself, the rest of it is priceless!  I told myself to be married by 25!

When people question bloggers, I must admit I take it a little personally.  I know a lot of us started for different reasons, but in my case, I've always been writing, documenting and creating my own little identity on the Internet.  I started my first website around the age of 13 and it was the perfect way to express my creativity.  I'd upload stories, re-write songs and use it as a scrapbook of sorts with the main difference being that people could comment (mainly with nonsense).  I guess I would bottle up a lot of my feelings and although I had friends to confide in, I used a few different forums for each random obsession that I had, television, Wir Sind Helden and eventually fashion.  It was so easy to connect with like-minded people and I guess that's what I've continued to do now, finding people that are incensed enough to write about what they love.  For some reason I grew out of Geocities and started an anonymous Teen Open Diary that only a few select friends would read.  Luckily I managed to re-download it before the site ceased to exist, imagine the writing style of Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging (ish) mixed with the typical teenage angst, self esteem issues and Camden Market visits.

looking back at old family photos
old family photos from the 70s

Once I'd grown out of the online diary, I had a few years away from documentation but gradually started to read sites such as Perez Hilton and the Teen Vogue blog.  One day I saw an article on fashion bloggers, and I ended up clicking onto Style Bubble, Fashion Robot and Flying Saucer out of curiosity.  I quickly became hooked, these were people who really considered their personal style and mentioned their trips to Topshop and posted outfits in front of the mirror, which I found fascinating.  Even though I was studying fashion, we weren't really talking about our purchases in such obsessive ways (I have been known to go to five different branches of H&M on the same day to find a particular dress and not even end up buying it).  Eventually I went to the Angels Sale, had the urge to document it and the rest is history!  I knew I had a point of view to offer and it's the best decision I've ever made.

I've been in quite a reflective mood this week and discovering some of my old family photos has made me realise why I've kept this up for so long.  I'm fascinated by nostalgia and looking back, even reading through my old stories and diaries has brought back so many memories and has made me see how far I've come.  I deal with things differently now and can now open up to others instead of bottling it up and posting it online, I've always been a blogger of sorts but now I've found more of a balance.  Every day there seems to be an article on the phenomenon and people just can't fathom why we do such things, but it all makes sense really when you know the back story.  I'd love to know if some of you had a similar journey, navigating Internet life as a noughties teen and eventually starting a blog.    

Now for a new beginning, I've just started YouTube and have uploaded my first talky video featuring some random facts.  Let me know if you share any of my quirks!

TL:DR - I'm the girl who can't throw anything away, had an over-active imagination and got obsessed with creating stuff on the Internet.  Enter my 6th blog birthday giveaway here!

How To Do The 70s Trend When You're a Little Bit Scared

23 January 2015

london fashion inspiration

When I first heard that the 70s were coming back, I freaked out a little.  I love my skinny jeans, can rarely carry off boho and can't find a fedora hat to fit my big old head.  I know you don't have to necessarily listen to the magazines when they tell you something is going to be on trend, but the new take on the decade has whipped up my curiosity.  Flares are starting to look right again and even though I despair that I'm not Megan Ellaby, who seems to be made for them, I think I've finally cracked it.  I don't plan to wear them with the Sketchers and hoodies that I used to back in the noughties but neat polonecks and band t-shirts.  It's like we get to cherry-pick the best bits of the 70s, mixed with a dash of the 90s and a little bit of 60s sass.  In this case I decided to team my over-the-knee boots with a jazzy print.  Challenging trends may take a bit of trial and error but I'm excited to mix things up a bit this season.  Bring it on!  

how to wear a leopard print coat
Tatty Devine La Luna moon necklace
how to wear the 70s trend
Clerkenwell London
how to wear a rose gold Olivia Burton watch
70s style dress with 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli bag

Coat - ASOS (similar)
Dress - Forever 21
Tights - M&S 
Boots - ASOS (similar)

Before I give this Olivia Burton watch away, I just had to style it up!  Rose gold is pretty much a dealbreaker for me, I'd love to have cutlery made of the stuff if it were a thing.  I did worry that I looked a bit Pretty Woman in my thigh high boots, dress that seems shorter than the last time I wore it and super convincing nude tights, but I just had to keep the blogging blinkers on.  It's the kind of thing you could add to Jaclyn's list, we're always prone to wearing impractical outfits whatever the weather.  I'll try and look a little warmer next time!

Some of my 70s picks:

The Bloggers' Market!

22 January 2015

The Bloggers' Market - Clothing sale in Camden Lock Market

Clobber, Cake & Chatter!

So if you're pretty nifty on social media you may have noticed an exciting event pop up, it's time to get excited for The Bloggers' Market!  Along with Carrie, Lucy, Dunya and Olivia, I will be selling some of my wares at The Foundry in Camden Lock on Saturday 31st January.  I have a mixture of high-street, vintage and the odd designer gem in sizes 8-12 plus a few pairs of shoes in a size 8 (represent).  My prices start from 50p and nothing will be more than £30!  However it's not just about shopping, the location is really light and spacious (hello Instagram) and the perfect place for a New Year catch up.  We'll also have cakes by Lena Rose and hair styling by Joel Benjamin.  Come and have a cuppa with us!


Saturday 31st January
Camden Foundry, Stables Market (Map)

Check out our hashtag to see who's coming and remember to RSVP to the Facebook event!