The Things I Loved About LFW This Season

1 October 2014

Cleo Ferin Mercury SS15 cat scarves

As fashion month finally draws to a close and I attempt to work out the SS15 trends (hooray for denim everything), I still can't help reminiscing about all things London.  Earlier this year I wrote an honest post about my fashion week experience and I thought I'd post a sort-of-not-really-an-update to see how this season compared.  I still ended up doing a lot of my ticket requests pretty late (surely fashion people take August off), but I had a bit of luck on my side this time around and ended up with tickets to Topshop Unique, Mulberry and Issa.  My accreditation wasn't rejected, the weather was actually decent and I had a wardrobe of new season clothes to wear.  It's like I'd been given some Felix Felicis or something (trust me to add in a Harry Potter reference to lower the tone).  This has probably been the best season for me, mainly because I felt pretty content.  I wasn't jealous at other people's invites, I was indifferent to the street style photographers and I didn't miss any shows I wanted to go to.  I knew the content I wanted to create, the kinds of people I wanted to meet and just got on with it.

Eudon Choi London Fashion Week SS15
Eudon Choi London Fashion Week SS15
Eudon Choi London Fashion Week SS15
Holly Fulton London Fashion Week SS15
Holly Fulton London Fashion Week SS15
Holly Fulton London Fashion Week SS15
Antipodium London Fashion Week SS15
Antipodium London Fashion Week SS15
Antipodium London Fashion Week SS15
Antipodium London Fashion Week SS15
Antipodium London Fashion Week SS15 nail art

Clothes I want to wear

Even though I heard some whispers that people were bored with London this season, I like the fact that I'm not quite so jaded just yet.  I always apply for shows featuring the kinds of pieces I'd like to wear, hence there being some Antipodium and Holly Fulton snaps and I'm pleased that practicality is a trend.  Flat shoes were everywhere!  I also managed to check out a few other designers for the first time thanks to Canon, Eudon Choi and J.JS Lee who've caught my eye season after season.  Some of Choi's tailoring was pretty exquisite, with just the right amount of abstract detail inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe. 

The Outnet sausage dog with a Go Pro camera
Tatanaka London Fashion Week SS15
Sarah from Framboise Fashion
London Fashion Week SS15
London street style cool shoes
see through bag with fashion show invitations


Random Moments & People-Watching

Where else would you see a dog with a Go-Pro, Olivia Palermo rushing to her next show and photographers shooting street style in a bus lane?  You couldn't make up some of the random things you see and overhear at fashion week (one lady passing by asked me if a certain show had goody bags, cue a look of disbelief between me and another blogger).  The cutest thing was probably seeing Kylie with her daughter Eva sat next to her at the Tatanaka presentation, being as good as gold.  If you're a little bit nosy and have a few hours to spare, then Somerset House is the place to be.  I've seen items I want to own, items I want to burn and everything in between.  There's something about seeing so much creativity in one place.  I'll refrain from saying something cheesy but it makes me happy to be living in London at this moment, with social media at our disposal and the means to control our own destiny.  OK so I may have failed on the cheesy part...

Wool and the Gang London Fashion Week SS15
katie Jones Knitwear London Fashion Week SS15
Cleo Ferin Mercury SS15 scarves
Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats at fashion week

Endless Catch-Ups

London Fashion Week is like one big reunion.  I've seen people I've worked alongside, been to Uni and secondary school with, plus certain bloggers who are my Kardashian equivalent.  I still don't know how to react when I see someone like Natalie Off Duty nearby.  I also got to check out a few familiar exhibition stands, Somerset House is basically where I first made contact with Tatty Devine and look at us now, the jewellery and I are BFFS!  I loved seeing the new Cleo Ferin-Mercury collection with its' vivid colours in real life as opposed to on a screen, plus the Katie Jones stand was as intricate as always. 

The Apartment burger at fashion week
Blow dry bars in London
Bethnals Isko androgynous denim
The Apartment J20 in a bath
Isko denim personalised jeans 

The Treats

So there are a few perks to being a bloggerI try not to get too complacent about them because that's when it starts to go wrong and a little too Veruca Salt, but as a former student who loved anything on BOGOF, it's pretty nice to have access to amazing brands, venues and expertise.  This season I was back at The Apartment, which is a bit of a haven for bloggers between shows.  They'd thought of everything, Gourmet Burger Kitchen for lunch, customised denim by Bethnals (find out more about the brand here), makeovers by Blow, I was in heaven!  I also managed to get one of my outfits illustrated by Jacqueline Bissett to celebrate the new HTC one, so this will be taking pride of place on my wall as a memory of a brilliant season.

J.JS Lee London Fashion Week SS15


Realising The Bigger Picture

As I said before, I've mellowed out in comparison to previous years and I'm pretty happy with my lot.  I guess much of it comes with age and even if I waver every so often, the voice of reason comes back and reminds me that I'll be in a onesie when it's all over.  Seeing the success of others has pushed me to work harder and create my own opportunities, instead of just thinking 'woe is me.'  The best thing about this crazy blogging world is that people seem to get the things that are right for them, so one blogger's book may be another's range of kitchen equipment.  I see London Fashion Week as the chance to build some genuine foundations and goals for the season ahead, who's with me?  I'm making October my month of lists and organisation so I'll let you know if I can finally change my ways!

Did you go to LFW this season?  If so then let me know how you got on!

Monkey World!

28 September 2014

uk travel blogs

OK so Carrie really knows how to do birthdays.  While most of us wrack our brains thinking of fun stuff to do, she sticks to the tried and tested formula of visiting Monkey World every year with her family.  Job done.  It's the perfect combination of doing something you're passionate about and helping a good cause (many of the animals have been rescued from living in horrible conditions).  This year the four of us tagged along for the ride and even though I was missing the theme park aspect (why did I think their might be a rollercoaster somewhere) by the end of it I was fascinated by these complex creatures.  I gave a few of them Creature Comforts style voiceovers and even ended up blowing kisses to one of them through the glass.

Visiting Monkey World in Dorset
Red Grafea backpack
Visiting Monkey World in Dorset
Hobbs Bronze Agatha Brogue
uk fashion blogs
Visiting Monkey World in Dorset
Celine red Audrey sunglasses
Autumn outfit ideas

Dress - Antipodium
Necklace - Tatty Devine
Sunglasses - Celine

These photos were shot a few weeks ago when I was a keen member of the #notightsclub.  Now I'm wavering slightly, sticking to culottes and longer lengths that don't make me seem quite so attached to Summer.  I've had such a good time over the past few months that I'm sad to let go and get used to the reality of Autumn, but equally I'd like to kick my work ethic into gear and go all guns blazing until Christmas.  It's nice to have a day out with friends every so often though, we spend so much time chatting in our thread online that it gets a bit overwhelming when we meet up, hence some of the silly photos.  We're planning more trips together as a five so watch this space over the next few months!

Wish Wish Wish cat dress
Visiting Monkey World in Dorset
bloggers having fun
Oshine Monkey World in Dorset
bloggers having fun
Visiting Monkey World in Dorset
Bloggers' day out
What Olivia Did


Smokey Eye School

26 September 2014

smokey eyes in the daytime

I have a strange relationship with the smokey eye.  Whenever I'm asked about my favourite make-up look, it's just so easy to explain and a universal term that never dates.  I love its transformative effect but I still don't feel confident enough to try it out for myself, ending up with a slightly half-arsed effort whenever I go out.  When I was asked to collaborate with Bobbi Brown on their new Smokey Nudes campaign, it was a bit of a no-brainer.  It's a brand I've been wanting to try out for a while (I've heard good things about their BB Creams and shade variety) and I even have the Make-up Manual sitting on my shelf for a bit of theory reading.  There's something about the way Bobbi gets across individual beauty and really breaks things down for noobs like me.  I've worked out what I have, what I need and the areas where I can improve and there's nothing like giving yourself a little challenge to broaden your horizons.


I popped into the snazzy Westfield store for an in-store appointment with the lovely Hannah.  Every so often I like to book a make-up lesson to freshen up my skills and pick up some tips, plus they're usually free or redeemable against purchase.  It's a win-win situation!  She showed me the colours that would work best with my skin tone and a novel way of applying one of the shades to my lid, before using the Kajal eyeliner to create the smokey effect.  With five coats of mascara (Bobbi swears by it apparently), the look was complete and the transformation seemed workable for the daytime.  There's just enough drama without looking like I was going straight out to a party, though it would have been perfectly fine if I'd eventually ended up in Shoreditch as per usual.  It was quite a nice beauty look for my pared down monochrome ensemble; a lot of people associate me with colour but I like to mix it up sometimes!    

Bobbi Brown Westfield in store appointment
Bobbi Brown Everything Eyes book
Bobbi Brown Westfield in store appointment
Bobbi Brown Westfield in store appointment
Bobbi Brown Westfield store
Bobbi Brown in store appointment face chart
Bobbi Brown Westfield in store appointment
Monki Grid print matching set
smokey eyes in the daytime
how to wear culottes
Necklace - Tatty Devine
Make-up - All Bobbi Brown

Have you used any Bobbi Brown products before?  I'm going to have a little practice with the palette for a night out on Saturday before giving you all an update in a few weeks time, wish me luck!