Scandi Sundays

1 September 2014

how to wear Hawaiian print

Every time I visit a new city, it's important for me to really get a sense of it.  I love to wander around aimlessly, pop into shops that are probably their equivalent of Wilkinson (though the Scandi versions seem far more fascinating) and just people watch.  For my last full day in Gothenburg I got to stay with the lovely Fiona, someone who takes to new cities with ease.  She has an amazing new apartment and I managed to find my way there without a map, which is no mean feat.  I rely so much on 3G these days that an hour spent without it is an anxious one, though since I was in such great company it didn't matter quite so much. 

visiting Gothenburg Sweden
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travelling to gothenburg Sweden
The Fifth Label High Life Top and dark paradise shorts in Hawaiian print
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how to wear style senegalese twists

Necklace - Tatty Devine
Basically I packed three co-ords for my trip, so it was pretty foolproof working out what to wear each way.  This one is from The Fifth, which incidentally comes from the same people behind Finders Keepers but at an even better price point.  I just love the print, the top is a slightly weird fit on me (damn this short body of mine) so I'll probably wear the components in different ways.  New brands are ten a penny these days but this one just stands out to me, maybe it's the Antipodean vibe of lots of easy separates that work well together and fun little details.  Definitely looking forward to seeing more of this brand.  My Vagabond trainers are still going strong and were great for a day of wandering around the shops.  I didn't manage to take many snaps inside (though there will be a vlog, once I figure out how to edit over 100 clips) but you must check out Grandpa, Designtorget and Artilleriet if you're ever in town.

colourful chairs in Sweden
travelling to gothenburg Sweden
Typical Swedish buffet breakfast at Café Kringlan Gothenburg
visiting Gothenburg Sweden 

Even though things work out more expensive here, you do tend to get something really decent for your money and renting is a lot cheaper, so it all evens out.  Our amazing breakfast at Café Kringlan on the last morning was pretty comparable to London pricewise and I don't quite get why these kinds of buffets aren't a thing here.  I always like to pick at lots of different elements and I tend to get major FOMO with food so this was the perfect solution, just have everything!

I still have a competition running, so excited to give these bits away!


7 Aims For Age 27 + A Giveaway!

27 August 2014

aims for the year ahead

Even though August is my favourite month of the year, for obvious birthday reasons, I'm starting to dread each advancing age slightly.  Maybe it's because I haven't achieved what I thought I would have done (I recently found a letter to my future self where I told myself to be married by 25) and every year is a little reminder.  A lot of us are in the same boat though, am I right?  Onwards and upwards is the best way to look at things and even though my initial 'plan' has gone out the window, I've learnt a lot about how life really works.  There's a lot of trial and error, everything costs more than you think and each month goes by in a flash and before you know it, it's time to sing Auld Lang Syne again.  To tackle my issues head on I've decided to write some rough aims for the coming year and have combined them with a giveaway for you all!

aims for the year ahead

Mantra for age 27

  • Be more organised, prioritise and don't be afraid of lists - I think my main bugbear about lists is that it makes everything so final?  I have to do something before a specific date and it scares me.  That being said my as-and-when-approach isn't getting me anywhere, I want to use my time wisely and not feel like I've wasted a moment.
  • Enjoy life and see friends more - Although I love all things Internet, I need to try and disconnect every so often and remain present in some of those 'real-life' experiences.  I shouldn't pass up any opportunities out of my comfort zone friends so I can spend the night refreshing twitter,
  • Work really hard on my career and push myself more - This has been the main curve ball in the past few years, I've decided to go in more of a digital direction but I'm not quite sure where it is.  Things are looking promising but I know I can work so much harder and I'd hate to think I didn't succeed for lack of effort.
  • Stay in touch with family - I forget that most of my relatives are not Whatsapp-able and need a phone call now and then.  
  • Print my photos - You spend so much time taking photos and investing in camera equipment and where to the snaps sit?  In random photos never to be seen again?  Eventually I'd like to make a scrapbook but failing that I need to send some to your grandparents overseas.
  • Look after myself - Spending £100 on a filling is not the one.  I've only got one body and I want to make sure it serves me well. 
  • Help others - Whether it's through sponsoring others or even taking part in something myself, I need to be less 'Me, Me, Me' and keep a sense of perspective.  This charity event would be a great start! 

blog giveaway prizes
blog giveaway prizes

I've got some lovely bits to give away and all you have to do is tell me an aim you have for the next year of your life!

You could win:
Let me know your mantra by Sunday September 7th and I'll pick a winner at random.  This giveaway is open internationally!

Way Out West

24 August 2014

what to wear to a festival

Sweden is definitely my happy place.  Every thing is clean and well designed even down to the cleaning products and their festivals are no different.  Way Out West was a pretty civilised affair, there are pen-like areas for you to drink alcohol in, they give out oat milk products and all of the food is vegetarian.  All of the things that gross me out about these outdoor events were nowhere to be seen (don't even get me started on the time I saw a girl use the area next to the portaloos as a toilet at Field Day) and even though it rained, we had the Vagabond stand as a handy escape.  As a sponsor of the festival, they'd designed some cool marble chunky boots and super-cool face of the brand Cate Underwood was milling around.  Everyone was friendly and I came away from it wanting to do a serious amount of shopping in Weekday, live a healthier lifestyle and attempt to learn some words other than 'Hej.'    

best festivals in Sweden
red grafea backpack
Cambodian print matching set co-ord
River Island Cassie Butterfly Sunglasses cat-eye retro
how to wear a matching set co-ord
blue matching set made from cambodian fabric
Cambodian print matching set co-ord
Vagabond Dioon Black Leather Heeled Shoes

Co-ord - Custom made by Mod Dolly
Necklace - Tatty Devine
Grafea Bag - c/o My Bag

Back in Cambodia last year, I ended up buying this amazing fabric on a whim and keeping it hidden away in my backpack for the duration of the trip.  I probably should have had it made into something in Hoi An but instead I brought it home so it could live where all of the other rejected pieces are, under the bed.  When I received my first Mod Dolly co-ord, I had a brainwave and asked the lovely Amy if she could make me something similar, as I really liked the fit.  Fortunately she accepted the challenge of using such a limited amount of fabric with a tricky pattern and somehow made it work.  I loved it instantly and wore it defiantly, even though it started to rain halfway through taking these photos and I eventually had to admit defeat adding a funky waterproof poncho to my look.  My shoes are my beloved Vagabond Dioons, a style I can wear throughout Autumn and Winter with all manner of hosiery and my Grafea backpack was handy for keeping my camera, jacket and various devices in tow. 

Way Out West Festival Gothenburg
Ben and Jerry's stand at Way Out West
when it rains at festivals
Weekday screenprinting stand at Way Out West
when it rains at festivals
Robyn at Way Out West Festival in Gothenburg
Thanks to Lucy for coming along and helping with my photos!

Sometimes it's best to go to a festival with no expectations.  Even though we were only there on the Saturday, therefore missing out on Janelle Monae and Outkast's controversial set, Robyn & Röyksopp were definitely a worthy headlining act.  Somehow she kept going for 2 hours wearing a new season Marc by Marc Jacobs motorcross look and even ended up incorporating crunches into her dance routine for Say It.  I also saw a bit of Elliphant and Jenny Wilson, prompting some late night Spotify additions plus I met the lovely Sophia and fangirled over Sandra at long last.  Despite the rain, there were some of the best dressed festival goers known to man, think long drapey blazers, ripped skinnies and most likely Vagabond boots.  I definitely stood out in my getup (you can spot me in the street style gallery here) but I didn't mind representing a more eclectic sort of style.  You can take the girl out of London...

More from Gothenburg soon, it's such a beautiful place!