Culottes In The Lock

22 August 2014

how to wear vintage culottes

It's just my luck.  Just when I start to make few successful Summer additions to my wardrobe, the weather completely turns.  Talk about jinxing myself.  Oh well, I've managed to fine-tune my shopping strategy so that every hole in my wardrobe is filled.  Little Black Dress?  Check.  Scandi-style draped coat?  Check.  I try to make sure I have the right balance of staple items and fun, one-off pieces that you just can't find anywhere else.  Vintage shopping can be a bit hit and miss for me but I think the best approach is not to go vintage shopping per se, but to just stumble across pieces as and when.  I wasn't expecting to buy anything at Hackney Wicked, I didn't even really know what it was but after deciding to pop in I found the most amazing community of artists, small-businesses and general creatives.  I bought some tiles from Cheeky Tiki (they make perfect coasters), finally met Clarice who makes the most stunning jewellery and eventually stumbled across some pre-worn clothing that seemed made for me.  Meet my new culottes.

Camden Lock Night Markets
how to wear vintage culottes
Tatty Devine Watermelon necklace
how to wear vintage culottes
red Swedish Hasbeens sandals
how to wear vintage culottes

Necklace - Tatty Devine

Aren't these the best thing ever?  I quite like to make weird shapes in them just to prove that you can't see anything dodgy.  I found them nestled at the back of a small studio and bought them off the girl who runs Happy Dais Vintage.  I almost didn't pick them up after glancing at the rail not expecting to find anything but when Plum showed them to me, I knew I had to have them.  I hot-footed it to the nearest cashpoint (no mean feat in Hackney Wick), paid the £1.80 fee to access my money with gritted teeth and ran back to make them mine.  It seems that I was on a roll, I also found the first pair of denim dungarees that I actually like the fit of, which you'll see in a future post.  Check.  Do you ever find yourself stumbling across vintage items?  Some of my best shopping trips tend to be the unplanned sort and nothing beats finding those perfect items in real life, without having to wait for them to be delivered. 

street food in London
Backyard Cinema Camden Lock
Cupcakes and shhht
BBQ hot wings street food
street food in London
Mama's Jerk station Camden Lock Night Market
Mac and cheese from The Mac Factory

I've been trying to get as much wear out of them as possible and let them make an appearance at one of the recent Camden Lock Night Markets.  Yes, I can't get enough of street food at the moment and luckily it was still warm enough to want to eat outside.  There seems to be lots of new vendors in comparison to last year and even though I plumped for my usual fried chicken, I also tried some of the amazing falafel, hummus and salads that were on display.  Don't even get me started on the Mac n' Cheese, this is a great place to catch up with friends and get the Friday feeling started early.  There's only two more weeks to go so make sure you head down!

Enjoy the long weekend!

No Frills

21 August 2014

H&M fashion weeks collection normcore

Street Style Images 1, 2, 3

The weather's a changing and I'm starting to reluctantly think about all things Autumnal again.  This is probably the first year where I want to hold onto Summer kicking and screaming but when the sky is looking a bit pants, I don't necessarily mind a bit of Normcore.  A few years ago I would have wanted everything to be all singing and all dancing but now I'm willing to embrace the basic look every so often, as long as the pieces themselves have some quiet details.  I'm talking inverted armholes, monk straps and coats that are just the right amount of oversized.  These components from the H&M Fashion Weeks collection have come in at just the right time, they're from a palette of black and white and can slot into your wardrobe easily.  It's all very minimal, a look I can definitely admire on others but will probably end up adding my own little twist to.  By all means I'll give it a go but expect to see a glittery sock or something.  It's like my brain instinctively wants to add something random.

Are you a fan of the pared down look? 

Post in collaboration with H&M

Eatin' & Feastin'

19 August 2014

Drink shop do in King's Cross

Bit of a delay on the old food posts what with all the gallivanting, but amongst the fish, schnitzel and cheese eating, I still managed to see what London has to offer.  Take your pick of this month's eats!

Drink shop do in King's Cross
Drink shop do in King's Cross
Drink shop do in King's Cross
Drink shop do in King's Cross
quirky coffee shops in London

Drink, Shop & Do

I feel like the only London blogger who hasn't made it to this creative establishment a stones throw away from Kings Cross.  I'm not quite sure why, it ticks all the boxes of cake, cake and more cake.  A little while ago, I popped to Drink, Shop & Do with Winnie for a quick catch-up and marvelled at all of the whimsical details.  It's an Instagram-ers paradise and brings something extra to the coffee shop genre, what with all of the crafting and various activities on offer.  Definitely a place to visit if you're after a bit more substance with your slice.

Where to eat in Hackney Wick
best coffee in Hackney Wick
Where to eat in Hackney Wick
Where to eat in Hackney Wick
Counter Cafe Hackney Wick
Fish Island in Hackney Wick
Poached eggs with salmon on potato rosti

Counter Café

Now I'm a North London girl, Hackney Wick isn't completely out of the question and it's a dead ringer for parts of Bushwick, circa 2010.  It's home to lots of cool creative spaces and hangouts and I can see myself coming here a lot more in the future, especially after having a glimpse at some of the open studios during Hackney WickedPlum informed me that Counter Café had one of the best brunches in the area, so we sat outside overlooking the somewhat murky River Lee.  Although there was a little bit of a wait for Plum's dish (we ordered the same thing) it was worth it for the dream combination of poached eggs on potato cakes with salmon.  Their homemade relish is the perfect addition and something I wish they sold separately.  Next on the list is Number 90 a short walk away.

Street food in London
Street feast Dalston yard
Le Bun Shrimp street feast
Yum bun steamed pork buns
Kooky Bakes at street feast
Street food in London
thai spiced fried chicken from Yum Jungle

Street Feast

Hurrah!  A little while ago I managed to make it to my first Street Feast, it only took me thirteen months.  I think it's safe to say that this is the mother of all street food fests and well worth coming to before it finishes next month.  There may be an overwhelming amount of choice (it took me a good thirty minutes and three laps around the vicinity to decide) so I'd recommend perhaps sharing bits with like-minded people or getting mains and sides from different places.  At some stalls your money can definitely go further so I was very pleased with my fried chicken haul from Yum Jungle, complete with mango salsa and coleslaw on the side for £6.  The festival atmosphere was pretty fun too and shows London off at its sociable best.  Get there before 7pm on Fridays and Saturdays for free entry!

I may have posted all of this unhealthy stuff but when it comes to cooking for myself, I'm trying to get a little more balanced.  My current rule seems to be 50:50 as opposed to 80:20 but hopefully that'll change with the new blogs I've started reading (Deliciously Ella and Hemlsey & Hemsley).  Need to stock up on books!