Arnold Circus

26 April 2015

how to wear a vintage style skirt
Arnold Circus Shoreditch East London
Summer outfit ideas
Arnold Circus Shoreditch East London
how to wear a vintage style skirt
Miu Miu cat eye sunglasses
how to wear a vintage style skirt

Another post from when the sun came out!  It's as if I have a default outfit each time the weather says it's going to be decent, a crop top, full skirt and completely random necklace.  I wore this for an afternoon of press days and events around London, all whilst catching myself a nice little cold.  Trust me to end up a bit of sniffy mess on such a beautiful day!  We snapped these photos around the backstreets of Shoreditch, apparently Arnold Circus was one of the first housing complexes back in the day and is now a leafy little haven with the Rochelle canteen and a few independent shops nearby.  I just love the mixture of history and constant new developments in this area, I've been coming here for over ten years and it's completely changed beyond recognition.  Street feasts and lazing around in the sunshine will commence when I return!

Holiday Time!

24 April 2015

what I packed for my holiday

Just a quick one to say that I'm off to Jamaica today!  It was all booked at the last minute a few weeks ago, I'd been toying with the idea for a while and decided to bite the bullet when I saw a fare for a decent price.  I do have family here so it's not quite as glamorous as it may seem but I'm still hoping for some beach time and a renewed sense of perspective.  I've not seen my grandparents for five years so it's really important for me to reconnect with them as they always encouraged my creativity when I was younger.  Expect some updates and Instagrams, I can find wifi anywhere!


Snippets Of My Room!

22 April 2015

How to make your rented room suit your style

Yay, I've finally got my room to a state where I feel like I can take proper photos of it and post it on the Internet!  Well I say that, even though it's very much still a work in progress, I'm pretty proud of how things are starting to look.  You see, none of my living situations have ever been quite right, usually due to me having too much stuff and nowhere to put it.  That's still a bit of an issue (there's a reason why I called this post 'snippets of my room') and I'm never going o be one of those minimalist types.  I like my stuff on show, it tells a bit of a story, suits my personality to a t and if Pinterest says it's okay, then I'm game.  Everything has been collected from a mix of places and it's the first time I've managed to see a true reflection of my tastes in my personal living space.  Think a little bit of Midcentury mixed with primary colour pops, plus plenty of the letter 'K'!

How to make your rented room suit your style
mismatched picture frames on the wall
how I furnished my rented room
How to make your rented room suit your style
my rented bedroom decor ideas

I was pretty lucky to get some vouchers from George earlier this year, it really helped me to find a few finishing touches (like even more cushions) and you can get an awful lot for your money.  My Pinterest board may be filled with pricier bits and every so often I treat myself to the cheapest things from places like Oliver Bonas or House Of Hackney, but I'll always be excited to find a gem somewhere for less.  I'm also fond of picking up prints by independent illustrators (hello Ella Masters) as well as my favourite exhibition pieces from the likes of the V&A.  I like the fact that my room is becoming a scrapbook of sorts, with the current climate it's where we eat, work and socialise as well as sleep.  It has to be several rooms in one really!

I'd love to know where you're at room-wise and how you've attempted to make the most of a rented space!