As seen on me? Maybe one day...

17 January 2009

I'd given up on ASOS for a while, due to the shoddy quality of their own brand items, and lack of discount codes when I need them. Like the All Saints hitch style skirt which seemed a bargain, but isn't so hitched any more due to ripping it while intoxicated. Or the sailor style top (in the style of Paris Hilton, but I was of course not buying it for that reason) that now has a busted zip and was probably too tight anyway, and don't even get me started on the strapless floral dress which got sent back as soon as it arrived due to the poor quality fabric and print that looked ever more lairy in the flesh. Sure the pictures look nice, and they copy pieces from other brands well, but the clothes in my opinion are Topshop prices for Primark quality. Despite my aversions, I browse the site regularly as they have a wealth of independant labels, and I've finally found something I really like. This gorgeous Public Beware draped grey jersey dress, may well soon end up on my Solo card come payday, long and layered makes me very happy...

This organic v-neck jersey dress is also the kind of thing I want to layer with long cardigans, leggings, scarves and whatever else I may find in that mess they call my room....

May have to sell some more stuff on Ebay to justify this mammoth spend...


  1. Lovvee that grey jersey dress!and you shud so wear your tight...people don't know here to look!

  2. these dresses are great, the layering you could do :)))

  3. that's interesting because i've never bought anything from asos but have always wondered what the items are like in real life.
    thanks for the heads up!

  4. Oh that first dress looks divine! I admite things on asos but have yet to order anything . . .


  5. hi! thank you so much for visiting my site! i've never purchased anything at asos cuz i don't know what their quality is like. good thing i read your review on it. but i do love that grey dress.

  6. I love the grey jersey dress. So beautiful.

  7. asos shop is amazing! you can find lots of nice things