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16 January 2009

Here's some bits I've found on the internet recently that inspire me:
Lulu's multiple yet uneven layers of black
A two-tone t-shirt found on the streets of Russia, hopefully I can create one of my very own.
Queen Michelle's stylish combo with cream jacket, my forgotten Kate Moss TS jacket is very similar
A ruffle t-shirt found on another trendy Russian
Long layers at La Garconne
Tweed Aquascutum blazer as sported on Alexa Chung
Ruffled grey cardi by Best Behaviour
Vaguely affordable Alexander Wang dress with uneven hem.

Hopefully as my workload lessens, I can put my sewing and knitting skills to good use, to try my own take on some of these looks. For now I have a swatching project (knitted mini garment ideas, which are sold to companies), an outfit (knitted cardigan, vest with screenprinted Rosette and woven skirt), a DVC Visual Product (40 images and quotes, nicely presented, fully referenced, perhaps more work than a 3000 word essay), a job, fashion show to organise and driving lessons to occupy my time with...


  1. I love Queen Michelle's furry hat!

    And the angels sale dresses look brilliant! great finds!

  2. Love all these looks! Great choices!

  3. I've just discovered your blog and i really like it!
    this inspiration is lovely