27 February 2009

An old project ends and a new one begins, my course just doesn't stop. I have a new swatching project that I am trying to research, (swatches are garment ideas, about A4 size, which are bought by shops and designers to use as their own) perhaps a bit too leisurely, and am trying to figure out a concept. I know that I need to play around with my stitch techniques, and try some things that I've been avoiding, such as cables and lace. At the moment, I know that I want to create some interesting shapes, perhaps layering or using panels of different texture. The Fall 09 collections have had some great knitwear, I particularly liked Mark Fast's collection (I've met him by the way, woooo claim to fame).

The 80s body-con sillhouettes are still there, with the lacy, distressed textures, but he's also created skirts, tops, and long gowns to move things on a bit. I like the simple colour palette, something that I should perhaps try (my colour palettes tend to have around 10 colours). His inspiration? Thunderstorms.

I was also impressed with Julian McDonalds collection.

I'd previously associated him with lurid colour cmbinations and Project Catwalk insults, but now I'll add knitwear afficionado to the list. I love the structured dress in the middle, cables gone punk, with the ladders in between slightly reminscent of Mark Fast. I'm not sure if I have the patience to produce something like this though, and of course I must try and find my own inspiration. The project is for Fall 2010, so who knows what could be relevant then?

On a different note, and perhaps slightly more me, are the eclectic knits of Cooperative Designs on Kingdom Of Style. Quirky patterns are my kind of thing, and I love how they've been mixed up and spliced together in all sorts of random places. It all looks very cosy. There's even some Fairisle in places, something I was going to avoid, but after seeing it played around with here, it doesn't necessarily have to look twee. I heard the show was quite theatrical, with an art installation of a girl 'thrashing around' and balloon animals made an appearance of the catwalk.

Ah it's a tricky time, trying to get a new project started. I'm inspired by so many designers, themes, even bloggers, but I somehow need to narrow down these thoughts into one cohesive idea. Somehow I'll figure it Thursday.


  1. I wish it could sew, let alone knit.
    x x x

  2. wow I thought all julian did was sequins and leopard print.
    apparently not, the knitwear is amazing!!

  3. i never knew there was so much to knitwear!! what course do you do?

  4. I love knitted mode! REALLY LOVE!

    Great post! Amazing...

    xoxo: Janet

  5. wow, so many inspirations, great post!

  6. I thought Julian McDonalds was impressive too, but way too hard of a knit to even consider for me :P He probably had it done with a damn knitting machine anyway :'( Thanks for the inspirations!

  7. UGH! These knits are TO DIE FOR!


  8. Aww I'm such a fan of knitting! Great pics!
    I add your blog to my 'fave list' ;)