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9 February 2009

So I have good news and bad news. Well mainly bad news; I didn't get the Hong Kong placement I wanted, but I guess the good news is that I really couldn't have done much else, my work was good but I wasn't right for the company and apparently 'I will go far'. It's annoying that bubble has burst, but I guess 6 months of bad hair, and increased consumerism wouldn't have been beneficial for me. Or so I keep telling myself....I'm downloading lots of Ida Maria songs at the moment, they seem to help. Hopefully I will have some better placement-related news soon, at the moment, it's just annoying.

It's a good thing I did my retail therapy in advance, as I have my new American Apparel and Office purchases to drool over. Here is my shiny skirt/dress thing, I know quite a few people have it, but I still really like it. I'm planning to wear it to the impending fashion show next week (the outfit I'm making is still unfinished), so at least that's one thing sorted out. Also bought a mesh tee, which i just threw on for work the other day. One thing crossed off my layering list.

Here are my brogues, quite glad I bought them in the end. They seem comfy enough to wear during the day, so once this disastrously icy weather is over, I can practice walking short journeys in them, say to the corner shop.

I know I don't really have the funds to be purchasing such goodies, but after selling a few things on ebay, these bits were practically free... give or take a tenner or two.

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  1. nice!! love the first top! xo

  2. shopping therapy always helps when the news is bad. good luck with ur placement, like ur blog!

  3. that dress is so fun, good buy! Sorry to hear about your placement, i bet there's a better one around the corner! Good luck!

  4. Love that first dress!!

    Happy Valentine's Day, darling!


  5. http://www.rundc09.com/RUN_DC_09.html

    where i got the tee!

  6. the glitter dress is very cute, loving your shoes in the last photo too!

  7. i love your shiny dress! and i'm sorry things didn't work out for you. i'll send u positive vibes so something better will come your way. ;)