slightly freaking out...

5 February 2009

What an eventful 24 hours it's been! After applying for the Hong Kong placement last week, I found out that the interviews were today at precisely 3.40pm yesterday, right before work. I was not a happy bunny, and after working on my portfolio last night, printing off 17 boards in colour on A3 card (you'll know how much this costs if you regularly pay to print stuff off at uni) and trying to sort out swatches, it was all over in about 10 minutes. I am in that awkward place of not knowing what to make of the whole thing, do I take the things the interviewer responded with as positives, even hints or does everyone get the same treatment? I am trying to rationalise both outcomes in my brain, somewhat simplistically; I could go and buy nice clothes everyday, eat great food, yet have bad hair (unsure about the amount of Afro hairdressers in Hong Kong, if any) or stay in Blighty, not be broke and have good hair.
Anyways, fashion-wise I have been catching up on the Pre-Fall collections, which look extremely inviting and cosy due to this arctic weather (yes I slipped and fell in the middle of the road today, due to inappropriate yet smart footwear, I'm not proud of it). I pretty much want to own all of Proenza Schouler, and will bankrupt myself to find High Street alternatives for this layered chic. It's highly wearable, and not too fussy, with a simple colour palette. I'd probably want to add some patterned tights, but that's just me. I also quite liked the collections by Givenchy, Alexander Wang and good old Balenciaga, which carried on in a similar vein, with styling that may have been inspired by some of the street style blogs out there. I want it all!

My shoe quest continues, and I managed to find this pair of Office brogues in the sale for £20! They haven't arrived yet, but hopefully they will fit as I'm trying to gradually increase my daytime heel height, so I'm praying these will be comfortable. I'll let you know whatever the results. I do wonder how so many bloggers manage to get such wonderful shoes, on many a style blog I've seen a Louboutin, Chanel or Chloe heel. Please enlighten me with how you get these designer finds, and let me know if there is anything in a UK size 8, pretty please?


  1. gosh good luck with the ineterview!

  2. good luck with the interview, i hope you get it! i would love to go to hong kong!
    the office shoes are cuuute!

  3. fantastic taste in collections, they are some of my favourites too! the proenza pre-fall was gorgeous.
    i wish you heaps of good luck for the interview results.
    i may add you to my blogroll, hope this is okay!