when I get paid...

21 February 2009

February is such a long month. All the new collections in store, and no money to pay for them, plus endless pictures of bloggers taunting me with their new wares. Saw a customer with the two-tone Chanel tights today in the shoe department, almost fainted with jealousy, and wondered if she was going to try on something, so I could subtly check their authenticity (the Chanel logo was obscured by her shoe boots). I took some time to prepare this montage of stuff I want once payday hits, whether I can pluck the courage to purchase it all at once is another question.

1. American Apparel two tone tights. Not quite in the same colours, or style as Chanel, but close enough.
2. A girl can never have enough stripy tops, and this Uniqlo creation looks like it will complete my collection perfectly. A cotton cashmere treat.
3. Urban Outfitters seem to be hearing my tops with leggings plea, I'm hoping to pick this up in London next week.
4. Topshop leggings, quite Alexander Wang methinks?
6. I am constantly wearing my cameo locket from here, but fancy a Charming girl balloon necklace as an equally random alternative. Though this pony would also be mine if it were in stock.
7. I saw these shoes at work today, am hoping to wangle them on uniform...

Can't wait to see more London fashion week pictures, I hear Luella's going to surpass itself if that's even possible.


  1. Oh I like the tank. A lot.


  2. i love the tights! really funny ones

  3. I love the Topshop leggings! So tempted to buy them but I'm on a strict budget as I'm planning my holiday..ugh!

  4. The tights look so interesting! :)