Across the pond!

5 March 2009

I got the placement in New York! I think it's time to buy these:It's all very vague at the moment, I'm not exactly sure when I'm going (I sent an e-mail to the placement co-ordinator literally begging to go in June 2009, instead of Jan 2010) or what I'll really be doing, but I'll keep you posted as I find out stuff. I'm glad to finally know, as I was planning multiple American Apparel and sample sale visits, as well as some serious Gossip Girl stalking, and didn't really have a back-up plan. I'm going to also need a comprehensive list of places to visit in New York, where to eat, what to shop, what to see.

I can't wait to find out more.

I think I'm going to have to recreate the opening credits of The City as soon as I get there.

Send June 2009 vibes.


  1. What placement are you doing in the Big Apple? JEALOUS! I can give you lists of places to shop and eat!

  2. Congrats too!

    Thank U for Ur lovely comment!
    U asked from my designer pieces. Mostly from on-line auctions for example: eBay and local on-line auctions (most favorable price). AND I have favourite outlets, for example: Diffusione Tessile. This is a MaxMara outlet.

    xoxo: Janet

  3. wowww,
    i wish i could go to new york but my parents, well, they hate americans;
    i dont know why
    x x x

  4. i am loving your blog!
    swap links?
    either way i'm still gonna add your blog to my links!
    well done on the placement.
    new york! i'm JEALOUS.

  5. Finally! someone who actually wants to link exchange with me...i was beginning to feel like the loner on the blog playground!

    oh i'm constantly working on something! i normally start something then get side tracked and start another thing etc etc

    congrats on the placement, who are you going to be working with?

    just put your link up now :D

  6. YYYAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! that is sooo gooddd! you go girl! what placemnet is it? I want details so i can envy you! I will do a "shopping in NY guide for londoners who dress like me" post soon! so make sure you have this in hand lol! maybe, if you out there in june, and i will be too we should hook up! my friend is interning there too and she said the living cost is really high eek! hopefully you save enough!

    and BLAH AA! I hate them lol! I think i am the only bloger who hates them! they are so over priced evn in the US!

    make sure you give me the low down of what your whole intern is about! are u doing it thrugh your uni?!

  7. Hey congrats!
    New York is amazing. While, here you must go to Max Brenner's on Union Square.It's a restaurant/ chocolate place: it will change your life (and it's fairly cheap).

    You're really into knits so maybe you can share a secret - how do you get rid of pilling?

  8. Woo hoo! Congratulations!

    Would be happy to tell you my fave hot spots in the city: