I need to go to Sweden...

22 March 2009

I really do. I just discovered they have this cool concept store Monki, with quirky whimsical clothes and accessories, and when I typed their Kronor currency into XE expecting the worst, I realised many prices were around the £20 mark. I think this may be my new favourite currency; I need to get these clothes.

I love the unusual take on the LBD, and the illustrated floral print on the leotard, (£21 and £17 respectively), and there's plenty of other cute, well thought out basics on the site. There is no online store (sobs) as yet, but the company behind it has been bought by the force that is H&M so hopefully it will have more of an international presence in the future. Until then, I need to befriend a random Swede, fond of frequent visits to the post office...

Oh, and I sorted out my blog list, as it's previous incarnation was making my head hurt. It now has handy categories making it easier for everyone to see what each blog is vaguely about, and I will add more as I discover more and more blogs to categorise (I'm sure my Google Reader will end up in triple figures soon). I've also added some more online shops I like to browse, great for inspiration as well as halving the money in my bank account. I'd also like to say that I appreciate everyone who visits my blog, and leaves comments, (gush, gush) as it really makes my day! I'm going to try and make an effort to post more often, so make sure you follow, follow, follow! Following is fun!


  1. i like the leotard from there!

  2. i like those clothes! they are perfect for spring!


  3. That leo and dress/top are amazing. Hopefully H&M will be able to expand their market.

  4. some of those items of clothing are absolutely GORGEOUS :)
    i might go check monki out;
    thanks for your comments on my blog by the way darlin',
    sorry it took me so chuffing long to reply as well!
    x x x x x x x x

  5. oooo such pretty clothes.


  6. hey thanks for you lovely comment on my last post

  7. This store seems neat! Mmm one more reason to visit Sweden (other than the meatballs)...

  8. I LOVE MONKI!!!its my secret swedish dreams lol! i love going on their site and just cheking out the goods to make my heart hurt lol!! and wow if its bought by H&M i pray to god it comes to LND town!!