25 March 2009

Ah so I finally know when I'm going to New York for my placement...Jan 2010. A long, long, long way away, and I know I originally wanted to go in June, but I've rationalised this in my brain, and come up with an action plan:

Things to do before I go to NY:
Save some money for initial 5th Avenue spree
Save some money in general
Figure out the concept of NY, Manhattan, Brooklyn etc long before I get there (I really don't get it, are they boroughs or something?)
Perfect the art of layering for the cold New York winters
Sort out another placement
Learn how to walk in high heels during the day
Embrace charity shopping
Pass my driving test
Break into London Fashion Week
Go on holiday, preferably somewhere unaffected by the credit crunch, via Sweden
Grow my hair

So it's all good really. From this summer I'm just going to concentrate on rediscovering the South East after being in the Midlands for so long, there's so many shops I want to visit and hopefully I can do more of the London based stuff that I always end up missing out on (such as camping out for Comme des Garcons at H&M, YSL manifestos).

Being the copycat that I am, I started to attempt these SS09 Rodarte leggings a few weeks ago, without realising the utter mission they are (and the total hash I would make of it). I feel like I've been cutting out squares for ages, but I've only done 3/4 of one leg, honestly, the bloggers at Park and Cube and Six Six Sick make it look so easy. I'm hoping the places I will wear them to will be too dark to notice my slightly dodgy cutting-out skills, I need to do some serious repairing.

The other leg awaits.


  1. love ur blog.
    andy diy project with leggings..amazing..

    cheers from croatia

  2. good job on diy rodarte's leggings!
    i just added you to my blog roll too.


  3. ooh i can't wait to see the finish project!
    and you're right about waiting, you have a lot of time to save up and enjoy yourself :D

  4. The leggings look fantastic so far, I need to try it out. xx

  5. no i think your leggings look freakin awesome!!! you are doing a good job! i love them!

  6. Hi..thanks for stopping by at Hot Cake Fashion..
    I just got here and really love your editorials, it's like we think alike and your simply nailing it with harem pants and monki(my fav store in Sweden by the way)
    Would love to swap links with you..

    if you add me just email/contact me and I'll do the same!

    here is my link:alice fashion news & fashion blog


    All the best! keep up the knitting, I'm half way on my chunky cardigan, soon on display;-)

  7. WOW. That looks pretty darn awesome!! You did a great job on them. XD I'd love to be able to try this DIY someday...but not too sure about the type of tights to get...

    Shini from Park and Cube is seriously a DIY goddess. I've never gone to Six Six Sick's blog before but it's looking really awesome. Thanks for sharing the link! =)

  8. WOOHOO congrats darling! but eeer i must say unless you have money to take cabs everywhere, after a few days youre going to give up on heels, youre going to be so amazed by how many blocks you walk and how many subways stairs you have to climb up plus these crazy long winters call for warm fuzzy boots

  9. Yo yo! I just discovered your blog. Your leggings look great and I'm a knitter too!! I can't believe your cabled jumper is your first non-scarf project...

    I was reading your posts and noticed you were trying to think of cheap ways to shop--and I think DIY is really the way to go. I get all my stuff from charity shops and then dye it, sew it, etc etc etc. For yarn, I always unravel sweaters from the charity shop- you can get cashmere, mohair, angora for a couple of bucks!

  10. Yay New York! :) And January 2010 will be here before you know it!

  11. oo!
    i'll be on my last stretch of Senior year in jan 2010

  12. no those leggings look amazing! talk about reinventingt the rather bait shiny legging! and YES I TO WANT TO GO SWEDEN just for monki (which btw i too have ebayed with NO LUCK)! an yes manhattan, brookly ect are bouroughs but they are all rather close from what i saw..not that i seen the whole of manhattan/BK lol

  13. Wow, I am so impressed with your diy! It looks great!

  14. The leggings look great so far, nice job! I actually kinda like them with the one leg done, kinda different from the usual (but that could just be my laziness talking, I'd be tempted to leave them that way!). Thanks for the comment! Char x

  15. they look pretty well done to me. think my legs are too chubby for those type of leggings, the fat would like pop out the squares haha

  16. ah they look insanely good so far! i'm gutted i left my old shiny leggings in manchester for easter, definitely trying this out!