Paris has a new obsessive

16 March 2009

Have just about recovered from Sunday night's marathon coach journey back to Grand Bretagne, which included a 2 hour wait at Calais (fun). We tried to pack in as much as possible into our whistlestop trip to Paris, and it was more a trip for inspiration rather than anything else due to my chronic lack of funds. We started off at the Sonia Rykiel exhibition at Les Arts Decoratifs, a 40 year retrospective of her work, which was the cultural highlight of the trip. I loved seeing how her work progressed and the element of fun she has in her collections, models cheerfully skipping down the runways wearing berets. It was useful the different techniques involved close-up, there was a lot of frantic sketching going on as I tried to work out how the stitch patterns were produced.. Once I'd been around a few times, and knew that I had nothing to lose, the covert photography commenced:

Also went to Colette, a 'happening' concept store with house music blaring, and numerous trend magazines. Oh, and clothes as well. This time I had to take a secret film, not the best quality, but you get the idea.

With the eclectic merchandising, e.g Luella mixed with Jeremy Scott, Henry Holland, Rodarte and Gareth Pugh side by side, it seemed more like an exhibition.

The Louis Vuitton store on the Champs Elysees was also worth a visit. It was mainly focused on the Stephen Sprouse inspired collection, I did try to wangle a poster but failed miserably.

I think shops in Paris go to a lot more effort with their window displays, Kenzo's was pretty spectacular.

As was Marc by Marc Jacobs.

I did manage to scrape the €5 for this keyring, absolutely nothing to do with Paris, but a souvenir nonetheless.

Enough with the high-end! The flea markets of Montemarte were a great way to spend a morning, never thought antiques could be so interesting. I want this furniture for my future Parisian hideaway...

I just love clutter.

This vintage shop was amazing, yet expensive (the elusive €600 Chanel Bag appears yet again), but my friend did manage to get an Hermes scarf for €30 because the owner didn't notice the small-print logo.

Arsty picture of the Eiffel Tower, somewhat smaller than I'd imagined, yet rather inspiring. I could see this being the inspiration for a Mark Fast creation.

One of those rare outfit posts, in a decent setting for once.

Wow, the most photo-heavy post I've ever done. It had to happen sometime....

Anyways, now I must get back to the real world, where inspration is not found on every corner, where cocktails are not €14 and where people don't follow you onto various forms of public transport. I have an imminent driving lesson, knitted sample deadline and tip of a room to sort out, as well as working out how to channel this crazy amount of inspiration.

Till the next post of ramblings.


  1. I love paris, I've been too many times now though.I really need to find a new country to obsess over.
    The antique shops remind me of portobello road market. SO many shops like that there, I just want to buy everything.

  2. Fab photos! I especially love the frames.

    Your tights really rock!
    And don't worry - there will be another CC giveaway in April!


  3. i love that dress in the first picture

  4. Great post, I love all the pics you took! I plan on going to the Sonia Rykiel exhibit in a few days myself. Also, good job on getting those spy pics at Colette. I know their security is pretty tough and I've actually seen them stop people from taking photos before.

  5. It sounds like you had a great time!

  6. That first dress is SO pretty!! :) Love the vintage shop pics. Looks like you're having a great time!

  7. im going to paris this summer :D:D
    great pictures and great blog, definetly visiting it again.
    Love / T

  8. aww looks like you had fun! omg how much was the dissapointment of the eiffel tower?! i was actually thinking WTF when i saw it, no disrespect, but i just always assumed from piks and mini eiffels that it would be gold or something similar, not rusty! lol!!

    im on flickr too but its annoying becz the piks cum up so much smaller than they do from photobucket and the large is toooo large...medium is too small....there is no in between

  9. amazing photos!!
    You look amazing:)

  10. Such a great blog entry! I want to see Paris more as I wanted before (after looking all of your pics).

    I love your outfit, especially the tights.^^