28 March 2009

Man, I can't wait to get back to London town. Am still at my uni lodgings, under the premise of doing 'work', going to work and being a total geek. The reality is that I sleep for 12 hours, and mooch around watching Loose Women before sticking some pictures in a sketchbook, not the most productive of times. At least yesterday was payday, and instead of buying multiple items like I usually do, I finally got round to my own unique DIY project; making my fake American Apparel dress a reality....

Yes, after splashing out during more frivolous times here, then realising the jersey version comes in more colours than I can afford, I decided that now was the time to make use of the stolen grey jersey that's been under my bed for years. Back in my pre uni days, I used to be quite a fan of drawing round my clothes and making patterns, so I went back to these methods and created a simple pattern, then secretly overlocked it all together at uni. I did make it up as I was going along, which you could probably tell close up, but I'm not really fussed about precision when it comes to stuff I make for myself. If I were to do it again though, I would back sure the rectangular piece that makes the top, was the same measurement as the circumference of the top of the skirt, as this did cause me a few problems as I was doing it.

Seeing as I saved money by not buying clothes, I splashed out on some earrings. At £7 (minus many discounts), they are my treat for the week. Honestly, I'm going to try and reduce my credit card spending, since most of my pay this month has gone on obliterating the balances of the two cards I have. I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to still carry on spending when I didn't have any money, and paying it off when I did. From now on, whenever I feel like I need something new, I am going to go in this drawer that I can't even shut, and pull out something I haven't worn in the past month.

Another annoying thing, I lost my favourite scarf in the whole world, the one I made here. It wasn't even lost in an interesting way, I literally must've dropped it when I was in a bar the other day, and now some trampy student is probably wearing it (frequent calls to the bar proved fruitless). I am going to re-knit it as soon as I can, and pretend this whole scarf-losing thing ever happened.

These cheered me up the other day, reminding me off happier times in Paris strolling down Avenue Marceau. Then I saw they were £75, and I realised that I needed a rainy day fund, like this blogger. These cutout leggings seem like they could be a Mark Fast creation, though they are actually by Alexander Mc Queen. I think that this design would also look great as a print, on a t-shirt, on a dress; I want a whole collection of Eiffel Tower inspired outfits to wear. Perhaps a future DIY project? I wonder if I can knit them...


  1. Those tights really are like their made by mark fast rather than mcqueen. I love them!

  2. OOERRR diy! good job! and also frt i was the only one who sleptd 12 hrs!

  3. lool that you cannot shut that drawer.
    you'll feel much better once that debt is paid off though :)
    and i can't believe you knitted that scarf, it's amazing :D

  4. that dress ROCKS, your leggings rock even more, and you NEEEEED to knit those tights and give me the pattern. yes. :)

    knitters unite!

  5. Your outfit is so lovely!!! An the tights look amazing. :)

  6. they are very Mark Fast honey. love the dress, well done honey.just to let you know,my blog link has changed. I can now be found at and my blog name is Marian Kihogo

  7. I forgot how much I love your blog! The rodartes below are major triumph! Keep going with them, in the end they'll look better.

    x x x