To hareem or not to hareem?

19 March 2009

You know when you swear blindly that you will never even consider a trend, only to be sporting it months later? This happened pre my grunge phase when I was 15, when I bought my first pair of skinny jeans age 18 (from good old Primark) and now I think the same thing may be happening with harem pants. I haven't even tried them on yet, but I'm constantly thinking about them, visualising them with my vest tops, striped tops, all sorts of tops and brogues. My mind has opened up to the lure of the harem, I have a harem obsession. I've found a pair on Etsy, which are pretty reasonable pricewise and the crotch is not dropped to ridiculous lengths.

I like the fact that they have a slightly sculptural jodphur feel, and don't just drape. They're quite skinny on the bottom like a pair of leggings, which bodes well for my heels and flats. This Bassike pair is slightly out of my price range for a trend item, but has a nice slouchy feel.

I think I'm going to try on some High Street styles, a harem evaluation you might say, to suss out what I may look like in them (hopefully not MC Hammer), then plump for the Etsy pair (supporting the small businesses, of course) if they look halfway decent. Has anyone else been converted to the lure of the harem?

Having no money is slightly annoying, but at least I can throw myself into my knitting. My cricket jumper is coming along, will hopefully finish it over Easter. Only two more 30-row cable patterns to go till the back is done, woop di woop.

Must also make use of the clothes I already have, I was inspired by Rachel to post pics of my drawer organisation (or disorganisation).

You can probably tell I've bought a ridiculous amount of tights within the past few months.

Thing is, there's even more stuff at home and undoubtedly more stuff to come. I was going to set myself a clothing budget next month, but I'm not sure if there's any point trying. Am seriously considering a mass Ebay exodus when I go back for Easter. There's a lot of stuff I've left at home, which I always thought I might wear again some day, but now is the time to be brutal.

Still haven't found out when I'm going to New York, so the Gossip Girl stalking and American Apparel sprees are on hold.

Also, I'm going to be sorting out my link list over the next few days, as it's about as cluttered as my chest of drawers. Let me know if you wish to be included, and I will sort it out.


  1. Nice find! I have yet to try this trend myself. What you said about skinny jeans cracked me up because I felt the same way about them when they first came out.

    P.S. I'm only saying this because other bloggers' blogroll re-orgs have resulted in me being dropped off the list accidentally somehow, but anyway--I'd still love to be blogrolled here. :-)

  2. I've been tempted by harems lately, I've seen a cool grey jersey pair in Warehouse that have caught my eye, but the crotch is a bit too "nappy" for me. Suprisingly, Primark is coming out with some decent harem pant offerings too


  3. You're back! :)

    A couple of months ago as I saw those harems at first, I hated them... :D But now I like this trend so much.
    Good luck with your knitting, it already looks very sweet!

  4. the scarf is coming out great!

  5. I'm definately not doing the harem thing. i'm well short and they will make me look even shorter! i skinny jeans make me have sausage legs already
    what is the fashion industry trying to do to me!?

  6. yes, let me know when, I'm all for a link swap!! :]


  7. aww im glad i inspire you girl! lol! OMG your tights draw is like mine...well..mine has transfered into a elastic banded shoe box aswell, due to the over flowingness loooll!!

    also harem pants: If you are unsure i really suggest you hit up primark!! i was so SHOCKED to see them their...and for on sale £3/£4...!!! a lot of primark chicks dot digg the harem so get your ass their! and if you are notsure its not that much of a waste ^_^

  8. oh i die over the criket vest. I love knited cricket goods

  9. i do that a lot, i'm hmmm i haaate the trend and like a month later im like hmm actually it's quite niice. urgh.
    hasn't happened to me with harem pants though!

  10. I love your hareem pants, but they would look better without boots and maybe instead some killer heels.