The art of doing nothing

24 April 2009

The sun is still shining, and I'm still procrastinating. I've told myself the first week back at Uni 'doesn't count', so have spent the week spontaneously hanging out with friends in the park and eating ridiculously unhealthy food by the canal. Even though it's boiling, I've been trying to break in my Docs, a very time consuming process. Shame you can't really see them, but you can see the manky student sofas, oh the joys of self timer!

As yet, I've managed not to succumb to the lure of Polyvore, as I would probably become obsessed and never leave the site except to eat and sleep. There's an awful lot on the site to play with, and as I get easily overwhelmed, I know I'd end up with a cluttered mess of a 'set.' However, a quick browse led me to Eruca, a site showcasing Japanese, as well as international brands. I can't quite decipher anything, but the prices seem to veer from Topshop towards the All Saints price bracket. I guess it's a one stop shop for all things quirky.

Ah why don't I speak Japanese? I can't work out how to order anything from the site, and whether they even deliver to the U.K, but this is probably a good thing as I probably don't have enough yen for all this lot. Untill I figure this out, I will carry on admiring, and wasting hours of my life. I guess this is the moment the Polyvore addiction begins...

I've also discovered Wordle, which turns your blog into a cloud of frequently used words (it seems I talk about Topshop a lot). Anyway, I now need to pack for my flying visit to Leeds, and weekend of further procrastination. Next week is when all the work shall start. Hope you all have a good weekend!


  1. great outfit! i adore the colours... blue looks great!

    have an awesome weekend! :)


  2. You look great in stripes!

  3. i love your skinny jeans!

  4. I like the vest and jeans. The cloud looks cool.

  5. aw my wordle was crap. it just had a massive "knitwear" in the middle and boring words round the outside lol

  6. gorgeous brown bag and i really love your hair its really pretty and so are you.
    nice to see a fellow mixed-raced fashion blogger :)

  7. I really like the color usage in the polyvore.... the light blue is my favorite color, it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland...

  8. The Eruca site sounds interesting...sadly those sort of prices sound a little hiked up considering you get the same kind of stuff in Hong Kong for a third/quarter of the price....