A charming bit of bling

29 April 2009

I wasn't always a necklace kind of person, but over the last few years I've grown to love them and accept them as part of my daily wardrobe. They make an outfit extra special, jazzing up higher necklines etc, and the quirkier the design, the more I like it. My favourites includes a pocketwatch, cameo necklace and a zipper, but I'm always on the lookout for anything unusual. I'd been wanting this purse necklace from This Charming Girl for a while, and it finally came back in stock the other day. I placed an order straight away using funds raised from Ebay, and it arrived literally just minutes ago.

It all comes packaged in a nice little box, perfect for putting my earrings in.

I like that they have the most random things as necklaces, such as bicycles and watering cans, but they still manage to be pretty and whimsical. They are mainly constructed from vintage bits and pops, so some designs are nicely aged once you get them. Here's what I have my eye on next.

This birdcage has been out of stock for a while, am constantly checking the site for it's return.

This hot air balloon makes me think of the Wizard Of Oz and places far away. Also out of stock, therefore far away from me.

242 days until I go to New York, what a mission! I will make sure I have this in time for my departure, along with my seven suitcases...


  1. i love your necklace! strangely, i ordered a necklace from this charming girl & mine arrived today too! its the little penny farthing necklace. loving your blog by the way :)

  2. hello gorgeous,
    looove the necklace..
    and as for the minkpink dress im pretty sure M is going to be a lil big for u.
    i normally wear an XS or S and the dress i got is a S but it's slightly big in the booby area(well i have small boobs...) and not as tight as i'd like it do be... if u don't mind it being a little loose, i say get it! hehe

  3. The hot air balloon pendant is so cute!

  4. Oohh thanks for the link. I'll be waiting for new stocks of the birdcage, too. :D

  5. ohhhh ♥ the pendant! so gorgeous!!!

    thank you for your lovely comment on my sketches :)


  6. So gorgeous, darling! Don't you just love making $ on ebay??


  7. *bling bling* love the chain :)
    great blog ♥

  8. I love gold jewelerry!!!!! It looks very classy!

  9. oooh the bird cage one is beautiful!
    I like yours too.
    I've browsed the site once, I may have to take a second look.

  10. These are soooo cute! :) I love the little purse.

  11. This necklace you're wearing is so amazing!!! And the gold suits to you so well! ^^

  12. Necklace is gorgeous...I'm off to have a browse at their stuff :) x

  13. cutest necklaces, I really like your haircut.