Cultural happenings in London town

11 April 2009

After a few days of mooching around, I finally spruced myself up and went to the Hussein Chalayan exhibition at the Design Museum. Even though it was smaller than I expected, I couldn't fail to be inspired, and took a bit of time to check out the construction and fabrics of the garments. Luckily you're free to take pictures in the gallery, so no covert photography was needed (though a part of me was disappointed, as I love the risk element).

I loved this dress on sight, as the longer I looked at it, the more I realised there was to it. The construction was amazing, with intricate seaming detail on the bodice, and the skirt fabric was a patchwork of different patterns and material. I particularly liked the vents at the back and the deep pockets.

Deconstructed jersey at it's best. This piece makes me want to play around with materials more, and turn all my forgotten tops into something wonderful.

Upstairs there was another exhibition, the Brit Insurance Design Awards, and I immediately zoned in on this Louise Goldin dress. Now here's a lady who needs to have an exhibition, I would probably visit it obsessively on a daily basis until it was over. Knitwear fanatics should check out this excellent SHOWStudio series showing how her collection is imagined, created and shown on the catwalk.

I love the area in London where the Musuem is (a stones throw away from Tower Bridge) and would definitely like to live there if I managed to find about a million pounds. There's lots of trendy apartments with names relating to their former quayside uses, the importing of spices and whatnot. Wouldn't you love to live in Tamarind Court?

Future home?

Also managed to pick up a huge haul of fashion magazines from my local market the other day, which I'm trying to power through as we speak. This little lot would originally have cost £130, but I got them all for £6, which never fails to amaze me. I remember seeing the above editions of ShowDetails when I was in Florence selling for around €40 apiece, but I guess due to overstock they end up randomly selling for 75p in markets around the country. It's great to own something I couldn't ordinarily afford; it's unfourtunately too big to scan, but has runway thumbnails and extreme close-ups of the details on the garments. Does anyone else know anywhere else like this that sells out of date magazines? Definitely search around in local markets as you may be able to pick yourself up a bargain.

Hope you are all having a good Easter! Not long till the student loans come in, just need to get through a few more days...


  1. i liked the deconstructed jersey!
    and i always tell myself when i'm rich i will live in beautiful areas and beautiful houses and you've opened my eyes to more beauty in london, although i don't want to live here anymore when i'm older.
    Hope you're having a good easter!

  2. I would love to go to the Chalayan exhibition.. Must go to London asap. Thanks for the pictures. His work is very inspiring.

  3. great pics honey! and always magazines are an essential! hope you are enjoying your weekend! :)

    xxx bel

  4. owwwh gotta visit the exhibition soon. Don't you just looove the riverside estates?? I'd recommend Docklands for a good alternative that won't kill your account! These London Bridge flats would cost around £400-700 while in Docklands you're looking at minimum £200-300! (Can't believe you got magazines for that cheap, of course...)

  5. amazing works of art!
    the dresses are so interesting. i love them

  6. heyy, just click on the link underneath the skull picture and it takes you to a website that you can order from.
    alternatively just type in vw stockists.

  7. where I live, we have a magazine stall at our market, and they sell lots of popular magazines for ridiculously cheap prices, unfortunately only the mainstream mags, but it's still a fab place for me to get my fix of vogue!

    that Louise Goldin dress is gorgeous! i love the combination of the two fabrics!


  8. bloody hell!! I am so going to Bromley Market! I spend a fortune on magazines. I am so glad I read this post!

    Id love to live in that area especially when the shard is built. actually then Id like to live in the shard :D