5 April 2009

So these two self-inflicted weeks at Uni are now over, and I'm now back at home in good old London town. I say I'm going to make the most of my two weeks in London, though I'll probably end up doing an equal amount of lazing around, but I know that I'll definitely make it to the Hussein Chalayan Exhibition at the Design Museum. I've always loved the way he looks at fashion and thinks outside the box and I can't wait to see it up close.

I also want to have a major thrifting expedition, and I'm determined to come back with something wild and wonderful. I read about the East End Thrift Store on Kingdom of Style a while ago, and a tenner max for most items sounds good to me in these credit crunched times. Watching Heathers on the train home also gave me lots of vintage inspiration (and distracted me from the random drunken chavs). The 80s is definitely one of my favourite decades, and much of the fashion in this film is still relevant today and wouldn't look out of place on Topshop's racks. I loved how quite often a character would wear just one striking colour all over (you'd certainly stand out in the red outfit below) and unlike today's teenage movies, the characters would wear the same pieces again, albeit in a different way. Plenty of oversized blazers, lace crop tops and bleached denim to be seen. If I could find similar bits to these in vintage shops, I'd be a very happy blogger.

I love the frill on the jacket in the bottom left hand corner, the little details make a difference.

By the way, I joined the masses and now have Twitter (if it's good enough for Alexa Chung, it's good enough for me). Still don't quite understand it, but I'll see how it goes. Also check out this amazing Alexander Wang-esque DIY, where this blogger cuts holes into t-shirts and literally just knits, yes knits (to my amazement), them together to achieve this rugged, knotted effect. I'm definitely going to try this.

Now I'm off to hopefully make a lot of money on Ebay! After being separated from some of my wardrobe for 5 weeks, I realise it's now time to let go of some of the dross I own, and turn it into some cold hard cash!


  1. i love heathers, its a brilliant film!

  2. i would love to thrift in london! i know nothing good about london which sucks living here all this time. tell me how that store is! i do need to check out thrift stores in general.

  3. I really really want to visit the East End Thrift Store, it sounds amazing! But everytime I go to London I forget to find out the address, ah dear.
    The 80's was such a good fashion decade as well, it just got a bad name because of a handful of people

  4. hey I found your blog thru tfs. I must say, your blog is great! I enjoy reading loads of thing here. karma sent to you ;D

  5. oh, i love heathers. such a fun film! all that bitchiness...gotta love it.

  6. I love the movie too. Practically all the Heathers were so sneaky and bitchy, but they did have great style. LOL.

  7. i loveee the back of that shirt