Summer's decided to pay us a visit...

22 April 2009

It seems that all the bloggers are basking in sunshine at the moment, wherever they are in the world, so it's nice to have something in common, even if it's only for a few days. Instead of sitting out in the sun yesterday, I spent practically the whole day getting my hair done. I'm so glad my fringe finally got a trim, it seems to be the only part of my hair that seems to grow.

Here is my vaguely summery outfit, in a very un-summery setting, I wasn't quite ready for bare legs yet. Hopefully I'll brave it soon.

Even though the weather's hot, I still can't stop buying legwear. I picked these babies up in the ASOS sale. £3! Bargain!

Also jumped on the denim leggings bandwagon, though you can't beat £9.60 at New Look. Still in search of the perfect longish top to wear with them.

The arrival of summer means my second year of Uni is almost over, which is slightly scary as I still don't have a placement sorted for this summer, or a general plan. I guess I need to be more proactive and motivated, and stop waiting for things to come along, as the recession's made it pretty difficult. Some compromise is in order. I also have to sort out all my work for the final deadline in May, and prepare for my driving test (the date shall remain secret, but inside I'm freaking out as I easily get confused by roads). It's a strange uncertain time. Here's some summery images I'm currently distracting myself with, have no idea where they're from.

Also thanks for all your lovely comments! It's great to know that people actually read my ramblings! I've been fiddling around with the layout a bit, trying to simplify things, and reworked the logo so everything's more clear. I thought that the tagline 'A stream of fashion consciousness' summed everything up, as this blog has a bit of everything (mainly due to me being indecisive). Let me know your thoughts, I wish layouts were simpler to figure out, took me ages to try and resize my header.


  1. pah! the fringe always alwas grow fast!! i just cut mine myself...and its super short and thick.i look like a fool.

  2. sorry you didnt get to enjoy the sun, this weekend is gonna be just as good!

  3. you have such nice hair. i can't have a fringe because i just end up looking like my mother unfortunately, really not a good thing! lol

  4. your fringe is gorgeous,
    and i love the leggings in all three pictures :)
    x x x x x

  5. your hair looks stunning! and I like the denim leggings look too, the more bargainous the better

  6. love the hair! great style!


  7. Your tights are so amazing!

  8. Really like that top and your tights/leggings. Great haircut as well! I've been trying to enjoy the sun as much as I can, but I've not had to chance to go with bare legs either.

  9. hey, no probs for the credit...i did after see the scan on your blog!

    I had to do some serious facebook stalking to get those photos though haha!

    Jen x

  10. those leggings are sweeet!

  11. I love those purple patterned tights. Fab find!

  12. I seriously love your taste in legwear. I don't think I would ever try a floral printed stocking, but you look so great it's unbelivable. I just stick to a basic black. Which is strange becasue my legs are just massivly thin so it basically looks like a nightname. But I just refuse to give up my black stocking/skinny jean obesssion. I love your style!