Top of the crops

14 April 2009

First hareem pants, now crop tops are starting to end up in my conciousness, as I've seen really nice designs all over the place. Although I technically bought this one off Ebay, I never intended to bare any midriff, and always wanted it to look as if it was tucked into something high waisted. I thought the crop top was meant to stay deeply hidden in 90s childhood memories (girls at school used to wear ones adorned with words such as 'babe' and 'cute' - I thought this was the height of fashion on own clothes day), never to return again, until I saw some bloggers rocking the look.

Chictopia basically opened my eyes to this with their instruction post on crop top decorum. It's almost convinced me, no belly button is on show and any food that the wearer might have eaten is disguised by the strategic high waisted shorts. A blazer keeps the look respectable, and presto, a perfect day to day look.

I loved Yuka's Ninja take on this, which is a fun way to wear the trend. Again, it's mixed with something high waisted, and looks rather flattering. I think I'm getting the hang of this.

left, clockwise: Proenza Schouler, I don't like Mondays, Sportsgirl, Monki, Topshop, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Betsey Johnson, Armand Basi One, House Of Holland.

Here are some crop tops I've been admiring/torturing myself with, a mixture of pretty and casual. I particularly like the floral Topshop bikini top, which I would rarely wear on the beach and the layered Armand Basi One take, with a structured, futuristic feel, and not a belly button in sight. I'm not sure if I've brave enough to bare some midriff, but I like the idea of layering up and playing around with the look to make it work for my figure. ASOS also has a few, my fave being the yellow Micheal Kors inspired number, with a surprising cross-back detail. How does everyone feel about this trend? Will you dare to bare? (Insert another crop cliché here). Let me know if you manage to pluck up the courage to raise your hemlines, and who knows, if it hits 30 degrees (Celsius) maybe I'll join you.

I don't mind cropping anything on the leg area, so I decided to attack a pair of old Levis to try my hand at some studding. My Mum bought me one of those JML Gem Styler thingys, which I immediately dismissed as having loads of tacky looking gems, but then I realised it also came with some credible Balmain-esque studs. Due to having a limited amount of each style, I went for a random assortment of different sizes. The Gem Styler does make it easier but there were some bits I still had to force through by hand, though I'm sure this will be the start of a long and beautiful studding friendship.

Finally going shopping tomorrow, can't wait!


  1. Fabulous looks here! Love the collage, especially that floral bustier top!


  2. i like the first look
    not so much the second one :/
    i think the second one may be too much :/

  3. thanks so much!! im flattered.

    gem styler? ooo! sounds fun! you should make a jeweled sweater!