Ebay makes my day!

12 May 2009

Just a quick post. After spending 10 hours knitting at uni yesterday (ok maybe 10 is exaggerating slightly, maybe 9 plus breaks), I needed some kind of shopping reward. I am obsessed with bodysuits and leotards at the moment and tucking them into anything remotely high-waisted. While procrastinating, and looking through my favourite sellers on good old Ebay I noticed this gorgeous, never worn, white mesh number, with a deep V at the back.

It was in my watch list for about a week, temptingly low at around a fiver, then people started bidding for it yesterday. This did not put me off. Even when someone started to bid in the last 20 seconds, I was still thinking positively. I won this baby with 7 seconds to spare! My heart was literally racing, as at first it said the auction had ended, and I thought I'd been outbid (plus I was bidding in Australian dollars, which confused things even further). Luckily I refreshed the page and it said I was the winner! Can wait to receive this; hopefully if it fits well and looks good, I can wear it to my Uni presentation next week, as a kind of lucky charm.

Around £20, but technically free as I've been selling so much recently...that's the way to do it!

Of course we can't all be winners. It could have so easily gone the other way, and I could have been blogging about my eBay catastrophe. Here are some bits in my eBay watch list, that I can't quite let go of. Here are the ones that got away....

The price of this gorgeous 80s peplum dress just got too high for me, at a time when I was trying to budget (and not have too many LBDs). Maybe it was a silly decision to not even attempt a bid, as it would have been a show stopping piece, but there's not much I can do about it now (except adding it to the DIY queue).

It was either this or the bodysuit....This Minkpink lace top went for a steal at a fiver, but I knew that I wanted something a bit more summery (like the bodysuit). The size also looked a little tight, so i was dubious about it anyway.

I wasn't sure if I would even wear this, but that didn't stop me from wanting this gorgeous floral set. This set wasn't actually listed as D&G, but people found it anyway, and the price went up to £50. Too much to pay for something I wasn't sure about. My thing about eBay is to never spend more than £20, as I think I'd be seriously annoyed if I paid a lot for something and it wasn't quite right (it was bad enough when I paid a tenner for a dress that looked like a primary school summer-dress). Ebay is certainly a risk, but hopefully this one will pay off, and I'll have another unique addition to my summer wardrobe.

Till the next bidding war...

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  1. The first one looks so pretty! I like it very much!

  2. wow!
    hella lucky w/the purchase
    i think it'll work

  3. Oh my, that black one-shoulder dress is lovely. I'd have placed a bid on that, too!

  4. The cropped floral top is awesome :)

  5. Thanks for visiting us and your nice comment =)

    We love that D&G floral set...so cute!


  6. I'm loving bodysuits right now too, that white one is really beautiful...


  7. gorgeous finds!
    ugh i hate ebay.. i can never seem to find anything nice, even though i've been searching all the right 'buzzwords'.
    love that lace top though.
    and of course the body,
    although bodies kind of put me off being bodily.
    x x x x x x

  8. i love that bodysuit that you won!its gorge. Love the 80's dress that got away too.
    muah x

  9. Hi! I know this is totally strange but can you send me an invite to tfs? Ive been wanting to contribute there. Thank u! My email add is: fordmodelsphils@yahoo.com You're heaven sent!

  10. Great 80's leotard thing, I have a few from American Apparel. Too bad you were out bidded on those great pieces!!!