23 May 2009

Now for the long awaited post; if you've been following my twitter, you may realise that I've been somewhat stressed. Knitting has officially taken over my life. It's quite hard to explain to a non-knitter, but doing an art and design course, especially knitwear is pretty time consuming. You can't switch off, as inspiration may come at any moment and practically everything, reading blogs and magazines, browsing and even watching Goks Fashion Fix counts as research. The knitting itself has taken up much of my time, trying to finalise techniques and make sure everything on the machine is working smoothly. My non art and design friends (and even my Dad) keep asking me if I have exams, and I have to try and explain that I actually have to knit ten swatches and write a detailed technical file, among other things which can be difficult to comprehend. Anyway, enough moaning, it's all over now. As promised, I said I'd show you a bit of what I've been doing; here's a few of the things that have been consuming my mind for the last few weeks.

I decided to start the most time consuming sample, a few days before my deadline, perhaps not the best idea. Luckily I managed to get it done, it's a swatch for the cardigan further down the page.

Pages from the crazy, falling apart sketchbook.

Here, I was testing out a travelling ribs technique on the knitting machines at Uni.

And here are some of my final illustrations. Drawing and designing is my favourite part of it all really, I tried to give everything a street-style feel, and used my actual pictures taken in Paris as a background. Who knew that being such an obsessive photographer would pay off?

Here are some of the yarns I used, a mixture of cashmere, silks and cottons.

So I hope this post has explained a bit more about knitwear, and the way it takes over my life. Now, I need to take a few days to get back into the blogging routine, and figuring out posts again (there may be a few more knitting related posts on the way, due to the graduate shows coming up). I also want to finally get the chance to relax and sort out my sleeping pattern (getting up at 7am=not good) and enjoy the sunshine coming up. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Oooh 17 followers! 17's actually my lucky number, so thanks!

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  1. Tis is so interesting! I love this post!


  2. all looks very interesting :)
    and pah, i WISH my loft was beyond retro!
    x x x x

  3. Cardigan is looking great. Cannot wait to see the finished item. :)

  4. Phew, looks like a lot of work! Good luck with it all.

  5. I love the drawings !!! Lovely images !

  6. Knitting looks so cool! I just don't have the patience for it..

  7. hey, thanks for your kind comment!
    did you mean this t-shirt?
    well i just took my mothers old oversized t-shirt and cut the sleeves off. out of one sleeve i made a pocket and to get this "rucked-up" effect i just took a safety pin and pinned into the shirt ;)
    btw, you have a nice blog as well, the ebay-finds are great!

  8. I could never knit, tried once, clearly failed. Lucky you have skills!

  9. I used to knit when I was younger, but it was really simple stuff. What you're doing is amazing. I really should try again. Love your illustrations as well!

  10. Great post! Love the way you write... super creative xx