Not so plain white tees

2 May 2009

I do love a bit of deconstruction. I recently stumbled upon these reworked t-shirts by CSM graduate Yang Li. These creations seem to be the result of playing around with the formula of the basic tee, to change all preconceptions we have. Sleeves, necklines and fronts have been multiplied to crazy proportions.

Everyone needs a plain white t-shirt, so how about sticking two together?

Where does my arm go? I wouldn't get dressed in the dark wearing these...or maybe I would, could make for an interesting and unexpected look.

I love how this piece drapes, purely by the fact it has ten sleeves. Maybe it's worth playing around with a load of my Dad's old t-shirts?

A more definite womenswear piece, featuring all that I love in a garment; fullness at the hips and seams aplenty. Not sure about the cost of these pieces, but I'm definitely inspired to rejig a few of my boring tees. See more here.

1,000 (approximate) profile views, woop de woop! I promise to add bit more over the next few days to make it a bit more interesting, thanks for all those clicks...


  1. i LOVE that drapey 10-sleeve thing.
    wowww :)
    x x x x x

  2. I adore deconstruction!

    Btw, Congratulations, KB darling! You won Second Prize in CC's Stockingirl Giveaway! Send me your info. asap to so Stockingirl can ship you the printed leggings you won. Yippee!!


  3. Deconstruction is fun! The one-shoulder creation is cute.

  4. Wow that thing is fabulous! I finally bought ONE white shirt haha I need more to be able to do that!

  5. Interesting exercise...I was actually going to start a project similar to this. LOL.

  6. These are so fun! I bet they would be so frustrating to get on - trying to find out where your arm goes! :) x

  7. thank you very much for dropping by my blog! :)
    i really really like your find in this entry, took me a while to figure out the first one, and i love it!


  8. Great blog. Glad to have found you! And congrats on your 1000 views!! Yay!!

    Love Daily Style Guide x

  9. deconstruction IS cooll...but i wudnt no what the hell to do with it lol lol!!! where do i put my arms indeed!

    and dude! il link you right now!! im sorry! i keep forgetting to link ppl!!!! :-D

  10. These tee-dresses are incredible, and they look like they can be worn a million different ways!


  11. i like how versatile they are, fantastic!!

  12. This is such an excellent t-shirt surgery! I've been in a state of t-shirt exploration for nearly a year now and this is possibly one of the coolest things I've found!

  13. great idea! I like the hair on him too :D

  14. Brilliant! It's like an homage to Moschino's dress made of a ton of black bras. We just saw it at the V&A.
    Have you seen the tee shirts adapted to headgear on one of the characters in the Wire? Gotta love it.