Bandwagon jumping...

1 June 2009

So Summer's decided to make an appearance in the U.K again, bringing with it endless park visits (I now have an interesting gladiator sandal-shaped tanline on my foot), diets full of ice-cream and sporadic blog posting. It's tricky to dress for the higher temperatures, as I love to layer things up with scarves, cardigans and jackets, so I'm finding simplicity is key. I don't want to look like I'm constantly on the beach, so finding the perfect, stand-out pieces are important. Playsuits were another one of those trends I never thought I'd come around to, but after finding this number in Topshop, I'm now extremely convinced.

I think the fact it looks like a dress, but actually consists of blouson-style shorts helps; it's not far from my comfort zone, in fact a short bus ride away. Plus I like the fact that I can be safe with my bare legs, knowing that a gust of wind is not going to blow my hemline up (I swear this only seems to happen to me when wearing skirts and dresses, and am in a constant state of wind paranoia).

I love the print too; my floral clothing probably surpasses my leggings collection, but the timelessness of it all never fails to appeal.

Hopefully the weather will stay decent, so I can get maximum wear out of this.

Also bought my first denim shirt. Not being particularly original, but they seem to work so well when thrown over all sorts of things, (especially floral playsuits) and keep everything nice and casual. I am now a fully paid up member of the denim shirt brigade, though will have to wait until it cools down a bit to start wearing it properly. What are your picks for summer? Next on my list; a nice light-blue full skirt, which will probably be at the mercy of the wind. Oh well.

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  1. aaah that playsuit is the most gorgeous thing ever!
    and you're right i adore the fact that it looks like a dress.

  2. love it's convenience paired with the fact that it's floral, very unique

  3. Great playsuit! I never would have guessed... it really does look like a dress and I really like the floral print on it. I've been tempted by playsuits myself, but not found the perfect one yet. I tend to live in dresses during the Summer.

  4. oooh i wish i could get a better look at that denim shirt! and the playsuit is top notch, although going to the toilet has always been a major concern for me when it comes to adopting them :D

  5. those floral dresses are becoming more & more popular by the day!!

  6. I like your floral dress so much! It's so lovely!

  7. Very jealous of your playsuit, I will never tire of florals.

  8. I love the playsuit, how perfect that it looks like a dress, but without the danger of flashing ;)

  9. You knowwwwww I love that romper, darling! You look fabulous!


  10. I love your playsuit so super cute!
    I really looks like a dress too!
    Cool blog.

  11. hi lovely, thankyou for your comments, the top is from an australian store called 'dotti'

  12. love that playsuit!! i tried it on the other day but as i'm quite tall it wasn't long enough in the body for me :(

    love your blog, check out mine as i've given you an award :)

  13. Love the floral playsuit! It's perfect for summer!

    xo, Becs