The Graduates

18 June 2009

I think I'm far more interested in the recent graduate, rather than resort collections (though if I had to pick a few, it would have to be Wang, Balenciaga, Phillip Lim, Rag and Bone and Phi), as I'll be in the same position in less than two years time. Of course the Trent show is close to my heart, but it's interesting to see what the other universities are coming up with. It's never too early to be inspired, and I love how ideas have been drawn from the most unlikely of sources. I will definitely be filling my year out watching interesting films, reading dark novels and exploring the world, to generate potential concepts. Here are some interesting graduate collections I've found, which encompass the things I love; colour, shape and texture:

Hitomi Hoshino had some lovely plaited knits combined with subtle draping. I think I've found a new idea for my winter scarf...

The styling and look in Georgie Stroud's collection had a whiff of the Sonia Rykiel, very chic. I especially like the knitted bangles, and headpiece, perhaps an idea for a fancy dress or graduation ball headpiece?

I fell in love with the combination of textures created by Beatrice Newman's, where she used macramé, waeving fairisle and crochet among other things. Everything is so well thought out, down to the covetable fishnet leggings. Read more here.

Adam Sansom is an ex-Trent student, and I remember his crazy balaclava catsuits from a few years ago. How I do love a sculpted cable; such amazing skill shown in a highly wearable collection.

I don't normally feature menswear on this blog, but I just loved the shape of this jacket/shirt by Shaun Samson. There was also some fantastic chunky knits in this collection.

What a wonderful jumper-dress; deconstruction mixed in with a subtle jacquard pattern by Katherine Kerrison. I'm definitely inspired, yet somewhat scared about the amount of graduates out there, but the main thing is to make a collection I'm proud of, when the time comes. Until then, I have a few creative projects to work on, such as finishing the forgotten cricket jumper.

On another note, thanks for everyone who wished me luck with my packing. My Mum wasn't initially phased when she saw it all piled up in the living room, hallway and kitchen, and after much jenga-like packing, I managed to fit it all in. I will never take so much stuff to Uni again; who needs two routers, two mini-fridges, 5 cushions and mountains of paper? Let's see how long it takes me to unpack this lot...

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  1. Love that knit wear.

    Thanks for the compliment on my jewellery, I actually have something key themed coming up, so watch this space!
    If you want a preview/first dibs, feel free to drop me an e-mail (I won't be offended if you don't buy it, just thought you might like first look!)

  2. I picked out Georgie's literal knitwear too, a cool and quirky idea. Well done on getting all the belongings in the car... I shall be moving soon and need to get rid of half my stuff before I do. Bootsale it is then...

  3. Link exchange sounds good!

    As far as I know, I have a key charm on it's way to me RIGHT NOW (well, in the post hah), but I'm not yet sure of the size as the site didn't give measurements. I'll take a pic when it arrives and e-mail you x

  4. gorgeous pictures!
    huh! i don't know which one i would pick.
    i like them all!

  5. OMG the last one for the men's collection. The shape is so chic for a man.

  6. God I'm loving knitwear at the moment, so many brilliant ideas. Great post!

  7. Love your blog!
    Please check out my new one:

  8. Really interesting designs. I love the plaited knit - so cool.

  9. 2 routers and 2 mini-fridges? had you sold the extra, you'd have been able to buy something nice. :D

  10. Great knit wears and dresses, fabuous!

  11. i love the flick doubleday one...
    i adore luxury knitted items, oh my goodness i do.
    x x x x x