Musical interlude...

22 June 2009

Now there isn't a lot of music on this blog, partly due to me listening to the same itunes playlist repeatedly for six months, and being oblivious to anything new that comes along, but now I've finally found a new addition. It took a while for La Roux's songs to grow on me, (I wasn't sure whether the singing was too high for my liking) but now they have and I'm bitterly regretting not seeing them in Nottingham when I had the chance. Anyways, their new song Bulletproof is now out, and was an instant favourite in my mind when I first heard it, not just because of the catchy lyrics, but the amazing outfits Elly Jackson wears in the video (including some covetable leggings).

These appear to be embellished with sequins and chains, though it's difficult to make out the finer details, I'm still loving them.

This pair has a bit of everthing; the scribble like prints and flashes of colour complement the setting perfectly.

Lucky her, to be wearing the Autumn/Winter House of Holland collection, before summer's even out. Definitely liking the two-tone look. Here's the video in full for you to check out below if you haven't heard the song. Let me know what you think.

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  1. thanks for your lovelyyy, inspiring comment honey, it meant a lot!
    I can't make up my mind about la roux or her songs! haha..

  2. I love La Roux! Has such a mystifying sound...
    I linked!

  3. Hey girly,
    the key pendant arrived today. If you want to see it, drop me an e-mail and I'll upload a pic =)

  4. Great leggings, very 80's. The song is a bit repetative but it grew on me.

  5. i posted this video on my blog too, i love it!

  6. The vid really matches the shoot! Awesome.

  7. this is different! I really enjoy it

  8. i love all pics!
    they are so beautiful.
    the background is incredible!

  9. hi,

    nice blog, we linked you back!

  10. the video was so awesome....i really enjoyed it!...thanks for the inspiration