Ode to my brogues

5 June 2009

Just finished a dissertation presentation not so long ago. It's annoying we have to plan it 18 months before we actually have to write it, but it has got me thinking, especially as it's personally relevant. I'm looking at consumerism, namely the rise of the shopaholic; the need to always have something new, due to being dissatisfied by what you already possess. Sounds somewhat depressing spelled out in this way, doesn't it? However, I don't think I was dissatisfied when I ordered these brogues from Office (I already have them in two other colours...ooops), but I merely wanted to benefit from their excellent sale prices (£20) and abundance of size 8 shoes (rare in a sale). I think my need to shop is a practical one; decent fitting shoes are hard to come by for me, and since I've found a pair, I'm sticking with them. They'll be perfect with my summer dresses and any leggings/long top combination I throw at them.

Here's a slightly fuzzy picture of myself wearing the denim shirt again, it's safe to say I'm a fully converted obsessive. It's a perfect alternative to a cardigan on these schizo-weather days England is fond of.

I believe I've found my perfect winter coat, albeit 5 months too early. It's gorgeous Alaia, with an exquisite fluted shape. Have no idea how much it is, but am sure it'd take me many winters to save up. Better improve my pattern cutting skills...

Jak n Jil

I'm leaving Uni soon, so next week I'll be packing up my mess of a room. This needs some extreme mental preparation, as every nook and cranny has some kind of debris. Am so annoyed I'm missing out on the East End Thrift Store's Angels sale-esque rummage this weekend,;£10 a bag! I even had some sort of weird dream that I was there, and found brand new American Apparel leggings within the chaos. Obviously my jealous mind is working overtime. If you're in London, let me know if you go and find anything good. Hopefully this won't be the last of such sales, now when will Topshop catch on?

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  1. that coat made me literally gasp in front of the computer. GORGEOUS.
    oh man i'll be in london next weekend, looks like i'll be missing out as well! wahhh.

  2. i have those brogues in grey & i want them in tan too! they're so comfy aren't they!?!

  3. I like those brogues, good buy. I had a pair of brogues in black two years ago, and wore them to death. Lately I've been thinking about adding a pair of Repetto Zizi's to my small shoe wardrobe.. they are divine.

  4. Love your jazz shoes! <3

    Cool outfit!

  5. Love your shoes!
    And that coat is just beautiful!

  6. That coat is gorgeous! Even if I learned how to make the pattern, my sewing machine won't still be strong enough to sew that fabric :(

  7. well thank you!

    I adore your style, and blog.

  8. i love the white brogues!
    they are so cute!

  9. Love the shoes and leggins!!
    I´d love to exchange links. I´ll add you right away :)

  10. I would love to exchange links, and I will it's just my computor is being really terrible and it's not working. Once it worlks I will definetly add you! Cheers!

  11. Great leggings! Re the dissertation - it's easy... stuff just looks better when it's new!