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24 July 2009

I love anything personalised, though I'm not quite sure why. Perhaps the appeal is wearing your identity so publicly, and having your own little logo to rival the likes of YSL and Chanel. These bits can be tricky to come by, as my name is unusual, and spelt differently (I remember getting school Christmas cards with dozens of interesting variations of my name), so most ready made things are lost on me. So no keyrings, mugs, notebooks and various other bits found in gift shops. Despite this, I still like my name and I especially like getting personalised jewellery made to show it off, so I was glad when I received this My Name Necklace in the post the other day.

Very useful, as many people mishear my name when in a noisy atmosphere, thinking I'm called 'Christopher' instead. Also, this is the first time I have put my name on this blog....not quite so annonymous anymore.

The chain is a little smaller than I would have liked, but I like how delicate it is in comparison to my other jewellery. Anyways, the point of this post is to share the blogger love. I have managed to sort out my first competition for you, my lovely readers, to win one of two necklaces from My Name Necklace. You can choose from gold or sterling silver, and various different chain lengths to adorn your neck. Could be nice for you, or a present for a well-deserving friend.

How to Enter
1. Leave a relevant comment on this post. It could be what you like (or don't like) about your name or any interesting things you've won.
In addition to your comment, you can:
2. Twitter about this competition, replying to @fashionknitsta.
3. Post about this competition on your blog.

This means you can enter up to 3 times! Everyone knows thats the magic number!
(please let me know about whether you've done 2 or 3 within your comment).

If you don't have a blog, leave a name and e-mail address. Absolutely anyone can enter; you can be from Florida, Frankfurt, Falmouth or Florence, it's truly international, unlike many giveaways at the moment (sobs at the sheer amount of clothing I could have potentially won). This competition will last for two weeks ending on August 7th at 11.59pm (GMT). I will then draw two winners, either using one of those random website name generators, or the good old-fashioned method of picking names from a hat (haven't decided yet). Either way it will be fair and square.

Happy commenting, and hopefully you will be as lucky as I was!

Another personalised thing I own, a bracelet I got in Hong Kong a few years ago. Unfortunately I dropped it on the floor and it broke...still trying to work out how to fix it. I cropped out my sad face.

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  1. How cool!
    I don't think I have anything personalized with my name (well, a ring), so this would be cool
    KawaiiNeko2008 at aol dot com

  2. wish i had personalized things :( but my name's quite uncommon so most tacky tourist shops didn't sell keychains with my name on so it's really expensive to personalise stuff for me. sucks, hm?
    although one time my grandma and grandad made me a personalised cassette tape, haha! it's really cute, i was super young and basically what they'd done is told this company my name, and the company had dubbed my name into songs. so halfway through the song it would go, "...and now JOSIE we're so glad to have you..."
    kristabel is such a nice name!
    x x x x x

  3. Please don't enter me as I actually have one of these from there as well =) but argh, I love your name, much better than boring Laura!

  4. Love that necklace. Would really like to buy one for myself but it's har since I have an Å in my name.=(

    What a lovely name you have by the way!

  5. oooh, lovely giveaway. i wouldn't go with my full name Gemma, it sounds geeky, maybe just Gem x

  6. Oo, I would love these, i can never find anything with my name on it. My real name is actually not the one in my blog. Hope I iwn!

  7. ah i love my name! haha im very proud of it, although i think a name is a pretty weird thing to be proud of! the reason i like my name so much is it means 'queen of the fairies' and as a kid i pretty much did think i was a fairy and spent long afternoons in the garden looking for my fellow fairy kin haha!

    as i dont have a blog, i cant blog about this comp, but i twittered it on my twitter account so i've entered twice!

    my email address is:

    tangel33 AT gmail DOT com

  8. I have my initials on a ring that my mom gave me like 10 years ago...

  9. you have a lovely name! nice to have something unique & unusual rather than something mine! eliza is an abbreviated version of my real name but i get called allsorts!

    lovely necklace...hope i'm picked! although the challenge will be deciding what version of my name to have on the necklace... :)

  10. I hate my name because I know 19 other people with the same first and middle name combination, three of them have my first and middle name and last initial and one person has my exact full name except one letter in her last name is different than "m" instead of an "n," lol. Original! :( However, maybe having something pretty with my first name on it would make me like it more..

  11. smashing necklace!
    i have such an old lady name. And it doesn't rhyme with much, apart from Scarborough, so writing poems sucks!

  12. Oh, I've been after one of these for a while now. Your name is lovely, it's catchy! I'm Sarah-Louise, unsure as to whether I'd be able to keep the hyphen on the necklace spelling? Oh well, so LC or something, love it though..

    S.B. x

  13. OOOOOOOOOH an international competition!! I'd love to win! I shall go tweet and blog about this now xxx

  14. done :) 3 entries sil vous plait! Thank you so much for your comment :) nice to meet another londoner!xxx

  15. Ooh very cool. I actually just ordered one of these for my friends birthday!

    Oh man, I used to hate my name growing would sing the winnie the pooh theme tune at me and teachers never forgot my name. Now though, I am glad I've got a name that people remember.

  16. have always had a fascination with personalized items myself! :D haha i know what you mean. my name has been distorted not less than 2874 times, especially during my primary school years. but it's fine! be proud of it :)


  17. oh how fun! It's like the Carrie necklace from Sex and the City!

    My name is super common so I go by lizzie, but it's really annoying because sometimes when I am out and I introduce myself people always call me "lindsey" so I would just be able to point to my necklace and tell them!!

  18. Hi,
    I like my first name, it's YURI. I like it because it's a Japanese name which means Lily.
    I'm not a Japanese though, my parents were watching a japanese movie when my mom was pregnant with me, and one of the movie character's name is Yuri.

    I also happened to just post about "what your name means" in my blog, there's a website where you could find out what your name means, it's fun! ^__^


  19. Oh oh oh I would loooove a name necklace - so hard to find someone who can make the perfect one!

    I tweeted about this and will also post it in my blog. xxx

  20. I like your name! It's pretty common where I live. I think. My name is MEREAM. I haven't met anyone else with the same spelling or derivative or Miriam. :D

  21. If I won this it would make my day! I accidentally threw away a nameplate necklace when I was cleaning out my room back in middle school.

    I don't have a blog or twitter unfortunately so this is my only entry ;)
    email- beachtreelove at yahoo dot com

  22. I love jewelry in general. thats because of my childhood, growing up with an jewelry designing hippie mum, that pierced my nose aged 9 and i was the only one in elementary school eith more than one ring on each finger.
    I hope that i will win, cause i always wanted a name necklace! would prefer my last name
    maybe LUNDELIUS or just a short LIV.....not sure if only 3 letters would work!!! AM I THE WINNER?

  23. oh i twittered about this:Blushless@ fashionknitsta:Nice namenecklace giveaway here: than 5 seconds ago from web

  24. I don't own anything personalised, I have an African name which makes it rather difficult to find anything with my name on it. I would love to be entered for the giveaway. I have no blog or twitter account so this would be my only entry.
    Thanks for the giveaway

    nelly dot mtshali at arcor dot de

  25. looked at that website today but unfortunately they don't have a necklace with my name. crap. i'm so not popular and so foreign.