So last decade

11 July 2009

Apologies for the severe lack of posts, but after mourning the end of Wimbledon (and the defeat of both Andys), I've been throwing myself into my employment, and doing some much needed overtime to fund my internet shopping addiction. The temperatures here have plummeted somewhat, and we've seen some crazy downpours, which has reverted me back to pre-Summer dressing, meaning I get to wear my beloved scarves, jackets and boots again. This means my eBay obsession is back, and I managed to find this cute lace crop top for £6, orginally from Urban Outfitters. I love the fact it's slightly longline, and could potentially be teamed with many of my extremely high waisted skirts. I also finally managed to locate some £5 Primarni (Primark) jeggings, after many weeks of searching.

Perhaps a potential outfit? Unlikely, but this kind of look is unmistakably 90s. I've been looking in some of my Mum's old magazines for inspiration (she keeps them because it reminds her of when I was young and cute), as I'm beginning to favour the last decade of the millenium. There's so much I found that would be relevant today, including some outfits to satisfy my lace obsession. Here's some stuff that I would love to pop up on eBay:

Hopefully this week I'll be receiving some more purchases through the post, and will make it into Central London to see an exhibition, as well as more of the much needed employment. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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  1. i really like the lace paired w/the jeans

  2. I love the nineties, best fashion era!!

  3. Love the crop top!I pretty much want it haha.

  4. ahhh everyone went nineties at glasto, why not let your inner courtney love come out and backcomb your hair as well?
    thanks for your comments!
    x x x x x x

  5. aaah i wish they would pop up on ebay too!
    that lace top from UO is a steal!

  6. oh i love your header image so much!it's beautiful!great blog!

  7. Sometimes I think we forget that the 90s weren't THAT bad - although looking back at some photos from then, I may be very wrong!

    Thanks for your comment! I might try to do a post on posing, but I only tend to do different poses occasionally. The advice I've given in the post about balancing the bottom half of the body would work for the top half, just invert the advice (eg take photos from lower down), although you're so lucky to be more top-heavy (grass is greener syndrome...).

  8. I love these scans! I love the 90's. Just discovered your blog by the way, it's great!

  9. Ooh, I'm after some jeggings, they are bargain jeggings, I'm off to Primark to find me some!

  10. I love the 90's & love the crop top .x.