Rambling in London

19 August 2009

Now for another vaguely self-indulgent birthday post... After not quite knowing what to do for a somewhat unspectacular age, I decided to round up a few friends for a combination of my two favourite things; food and shopping. The crazy selection of sushi was bought from the Japan Centre near Picadilly Circus, and was devoured within a short space of time.

My friend told me to 'throw some shapes' for this picture. If you'd like more regular outfit posts, be prepared for strange poses and slightly bemused facial expressions. Just a warning.

In my 22 year old state of mind, I decided to brave a small amount of midriff with the crop top

Also stopped by a few desirable shops, namely Marc by Marc Jacobs and Selfridges. I always knew the latter would be emporium full of wonderful things, but I hadn't fully prepared myself. These days, I'm used to looking at designer clothing in magazines, blogs and sites like Net a Porter, but hardly ever in reality, so it was great to browse rails of Future Classics, Les Chiffoniers and Preen (and to even discover a new found love for Whistles). I really liked the choice of diffusion labels and was constantly sighing as I walked around the third floor, wishing for riches beyond my wildest dreams. Of course the real reason I was there was for a bargain, a pair of House of Holland tights to be exact. Also bought a quirky yet reasonably priced necklace from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Stay tuned for more about these items in a future, shopping overloaded post.

I love my posh bag

Eventually we wandered to Carnaby St, as it always has a more relaxed pace compared to Oxford Street (chaos). Was transfixed by the Liberty print adorned store, and made a mental note to have a more in-depth visit another time, with fellow fashion obsessives. It was nice to wander around the technicoloured boutiques, in particular Anna Lou of London where I had another internet-come-to-life moment after seeing the jewellery. All of my future birthday presents can come from this store.

Now I look like I'm changing a lightbulb.

I could have spent hours wandering around the streets of Central London, but unfortunately my friends weren't quite up to it after the long distances we'd walked (I love to power-walk; I'm slightly impatient). We decided that it would take 5 days to truly see the main shopping areas of London, but if you include all the backstreets and hidden treasures, then you might be looking at using up your entire Uni summer break. I definitely want to explore the capital a lot more, especially the conceptual (mainly pricey) stores that I may have been too scared to set foot in a few years ago. It's really is useful for me to see the designer collections up close (especially the knits) and even though these situations may seem intimidating, it's important to not get disheartened. I can't wait to wander around London again, though it'd probably rain on the day I decide to go!

August is going so quickly!

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  1. you should just walk in the pricey stores with attitude! theres a road just near oxford circus- conduit st. its really good down there, viv westwood, issey miyake, Yohji yamamoto etc.
    its always fun to move the hangers out of place, gives the snooty assistants something to do!

  2. I usually walk from Bond Street to Victoria in the evenings after work purely so I can window shop in all the boutiques. It is one of the best things about living in London.

  3. That sushi looks YUM! Love your denim shirt, it looks skockingly like mine!!! it´s my mother´s and I luuuvv IT! You look really wicked :D

  4. Oh i love your outfit here, haha great pose in the last one with people looking at you :P I love carnaby street :)

  5. Ohhh I have major sushi cravings now!

  6. Yummy sushi!


  7. i adore your captions of your pictures,
    "i look like i'm changing a lightbulb" made me laugh right out loud.
    x x x x

  8. hhmmm yum yum.. i could never been able to resist any sushi in my life!!! i'm so addicted to it.. i think i can eat sushi everyday huahahaha ;P

  9. ;Love your outfit so much my favorite things a floral skirt croppped top and denim jacket. Sounds like a great day!

  10. Looks like you has a great time out and about in London ;)
    Love your outfit as well btw you can totally pull off that crop top!
    Beth xx

  11. Adore the pairing of the menswear inspired chambray button-down and the flippy floral skirt. Impeccable style, darling! :)

  12. mm sushi! and I love your denim button up!!


  13. Yeah, I like that picture too with you walking and bemused people on the background, lol. That's very cool. So you just had your birthday? Or is it still coming? Happy birthday anyway. Have a nice weekend too. :)

  14. Sushi looks amazing.. what a great blog you have!.

  15. Love love love your outfit! Midriffs are uber cool. Now, please tell me EXACTLY where this japan centre is because that sushi looks gooooood. xx

  16. Your outfit is fabulous. I can only dream of walking the streets of london. x

  17. sushi looks delecious!
    and you look amazing!
    love london, i'd do anything to be there now!:)

  18. LOVE the outfit!!! looks amazing, i bet people were checkin you out all day! it's kind of funny how we live in england but going to ondon is like a huge adventure!!