Some illustrated people

27 August 2009

There are many illustrators I love in the big wide world, but Chicago based Brett Manning's works really struck a chord with me. Not only are her characters (yes her; Brett's site is humorously titled 'Brett is a Girl') gloriously whimsical with exaggerated features, but each texture is painstakingly drawn in the finest detail, whether it be flowing locks or a fluffy jumper. Her mission is to let the 'viewer to construct their own meaning rather it be dictated to them,' which is a fitting way to look at her dream-like images. As per usual, I was particularly amazed by the way she represents knitwear, with immaculate stitch detail and the form of the garment captured realistically.

images from and etsy

I would love to see more fashion illustrations from her, to admire and take inspiration from, as they are not the typical, somewhat soulless sticks that you see many designers create. Since I was a child, I have always loved to draw, but I would like to develop my style further by making my figures and textures more accurate. This has definitely given me something to think about when I next have to illustrate a collection, in the distant, fourth year future.

Thanks to Kay Bee (very similar to my alias) for sharing this!

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  1. Such gorgeous illustrations! I like how soft and glowing they seem to be.

  2. i love brett's illustration ... xoxo

  3. Hey, I totally agree with you, those illustrations are fab! I can't get over the detail in the trousers (second illustration). They look real! Almost kind of scary, haha.

    p.s. I love your blog, I found it via independant fashion bloggers :) xo

  4. Beautiful illustrations, absolutely adore the way she draws hair, x

  5. those drawings are amazing! thank you for all your comments! i know what you mean about the weather thing, but i love my heavy coats really :)
    x x x x x x

  6. Such detail I'm jealous of her talent!

  7. ahhh I wish I was good at drawing. such pretty pieces of art :)


  8. So beautiful, I'm such a fan of fashion illustration. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Hi, i just randomly found your blog and i love it. I love your Marc Jacobs magnifying glass necklace, i really want it!! x

  10. these are nice. Looks like pencil. I really like the rainbow stripes one.

    oh u know wuts funny, u had a small typo in the link u left, so it was and when i clicked on it, it led me to a totally spammy site about religion. lol.

  11. I love the pom pom leggings/ trousers here. There too cool and I want to DIY them.
    Love the blog btw.