Surreal shoe overload (plus some competition winners)

9 August 2009

Thought I'd update on my placement at Cooperative Designs; I'm really enjoying it! I'm machine knitting bits for their upcoming show, learning lots about the logistics of the fashion world and everyone's really nice in the studio. Last week I got to observe a shoot for ID magazine that their creations will be featured in, and although I can't post much, here are some pics of the amazing shoes they had available.

My size! I would gladly have swapped my Docs for these. Apparently 8's are abundant at the Louboutin sample sales, and for a moment, I believed I could purchase such a thing.

I seem to be drawn to Gucci shoes. Funny that.

Insect jewellery is where it's at; I loved the spider ring.


As you all may know, my competition ended on Friday for the My Name Necklace. Without further ado, here is the highly sophisticated selection process:

I got my slightly bemused younger sister to pick names out of the hat.

So the winners are Dane and Tanya, who I will be contacting in due course! Well done, and thanks for everyone who entered and helped to promote the competition. You can still get a necklace here if you're disappointed, and I'm sure this competition will be the first of many, so keep watching this space.

Hope everyone had a nice and sunny weekend; luckily I didn't have to work, so went two BBQs instead! My stomach needs some time to recover.

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  1. It's really cool that you were able to be around for the photoshoot. As a photographer I'm typically behind the camera the whole shoot, but I just love the whole atmosphere. So many people running around and all. Plus the creative process, which is why I do it.

    Those shoes are so beautiful! I love love those black and electric blue ones! It must have been hard not to snatch one. ;]

  2. Great heels, they all look so good, and that blue colour..

  3. oh my god i am drooling at all of those shoes!!!

  4. I won! I won! yayyyyy

    The electric blue ones with the straps are just heavenly!

  5. It's strange seeing so many high-end, beautiful shoes grouped together on the floor like an embarassment of riches or something.

  6. Omg you are so lucky, that shoot must have been so fun to watch!
    Awesome shoes, my size as well, trusty 8's lol.
    Beth xx

  7. Oh my gosh! It looks like a total dream.

    x x x

  8. this post is pretty much shoe pornography!

  9. Can't believe you're doing a placement at cooperative designs, i am so jealous! The shoes look absolutely amazing. x