LFW Day 2: With a little bit of knit...

21 September 2009

For me, Saturday at London Fashion Week was knit central. I was working at the Cooperative Designs presentation, which saw us turning a room in the Freemasons Hall into a replica chess set, in just over an hour. There were some gorgeous cakes by Lilli Vanilli that seemed to disappear within a very short period of time. Remember I said that I would marry one of the Ella's Bakehouse cupcakes here? Well these would have to be my bit on the side.

Mints, cupcakes and macaroons, what more do you need?

Anyway back to the knits. The items of the collection were scattered around various squares on the 'chess board' and the geometric patterns continued throughout. I loved how things were layered, knotted and spliced together.

There was also statement jewellery to complement the pieces. It was really great to see the collection finally come together, after watching parts of it being made in the studio.

Loved this skirt from the current Autumn Winter collection that a PR person was wearing. I have a thing for unexpected materials knitted together.

The black cardigan on the mannequin was made by yours truly!

The next stop was downstairs at the Alice Palmer show, who creates sculptural yet draped pieces out of finely knitted fabric. I was amazed by the origami-like structures she has managed to create, and I liked how the latter pieces had the harness-like jewellery of Fannie Schiavoni to contend with.

Looks like statement shoulders are here to stay. Another trend I have to try and get used to...

As you can imagine, I'm having a lot of fun at fashion week and meeting lots of people (especially bloggers) all over the place. However there are some definite hierarchies in place, which I will try and go into more detail about in a future post. Thanks for reading these very quickly-written ramblings.

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  1. what incredible pieces, I LOVE the PR person's skirt.

  2. That skirt really is amazing. Fab pics and I too am partial to the odd cupcake.

  3. amazing pictures & that skirt!!...looks like you're having a brilliant time!

  4. Love what they did, mixing different fabrics with knits in those rounded shapes. Sometimes I find presentations more interesting to catwalks, the clothes are right there and you can take photos of them and stare at them for as long as you like!

  5. wow! great art displayed in there. And oh, i love that black cardigan you made. I think that i can even wear it at work and give my formal wear some fashion look.

  6. Im so jealous of you right now.
    Loving all the outfits and lusting after cupcakes too.


  7. Wow, fantastic! Are the Alice Palmer dresses knitted too?

  8. I agree...that knitted skirt is amazing! Thats one lucky PR lady!!!

    We are a new indie Scottish fashion magazine. We have added you to our blog roll. Any chance you could do the same for us?


  9. I love love love the tan skirt. Very different :)


  10. I think fashion week makes life worht living, I truly do!