Get your Knits out...

20 October 2009

How about a controversial and slightly naff pun as a post title?  I thought it was particularly apt, as the temperature in England has plummeted and made me realise that Summer has officially left the building, meaning knits, layers and sensible outerwear is needed.  No longer will just a denim shirt suffice.  The lack of a decent neck covering made me determined to produce this circular scarf as soon as possible and many hours were spent frantically knitting while watching back to back episodes of Glee and good old X factor.  In total it took 4 days to make unlike the lost original, which took months due to forgetting how to purl and running out of supplies. I had to compromise on the yarn, as my budget didn't stretch to super soft alpaca at £12 a ball, but I'm happy with this wool mix meaning that I got the four balls I needed for around the same price!  American Apparel, eat your heart out...

 I know I go on about knitting quite a bit...

Let's hope I don't lose this one; I shall be holding onto it for dear life.

The first project that most people start with is a scarf; I remember that my first offering ended up ridiculously long and somehow grew wider and wider! If anyone's interested in knitting this one, I could post a tutorial, as it's a really nice shape that keeps you warm in silly temperatures.  Maybe a bloggers knitting group is in order?

It's still 68 days until I go off to the States, but I'm already thinking about packing and how to edit my wardrobe. Buying new things really doesn't help...

Speaking of knits, Uniqlo has some really tempting pieces that are simple yet easy to make your own and layer up.  I know I shouldn't be doing any major shopping before moving to New York, but I feel like a slightly more sophisticated look is in order (short hemlines may not always be appropriate in the office environment) and this J+ Jil Sander cardigan would be perfect to smarten things up a little.  I'm not sure which neutral tone to go for, either dark grey or navy.  Any ideas?

Still looking for a coat!  I'm a bit too fussy...

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  1. a bloggers knitting group! a bloggers knitting group! YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

    sorry, got a little excited. :)

  2. a knitting group is a great idea! i'd love to have a go at your snood/circle should definitely post the details on here :)

    i'd say get grey AND navy...they're both classic colours so it'd be an investment :)

  3. yay for circle scarfs! Oh how I wish i could knit...


  4. I get tangled up in knots when I try and knit,
    however if you made me a scarf...I could pass it off as my own ;)

    Or I could just bite the bullet and pick up my needles again!

  5. love the scarf! thanx for all the advice and i am actually doing english as this year but i dont think im gonna do the next year of it coz it is soo boring!
    and btw, on the subject of knitting, its so cool that you have the patience to knit. being patience is so useful, i am so impatient with stuff like this. i tried knitting and i just got fed up! maybe when im older and wiser i will learn to be patient and do something useful with my time like knitting! x

  6. Hey hun, thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog :)

    Love the scarf - you're so clever to knit that! It looks so professional! I wouldn't have the patience!

    Oh, and in reply to your post below my link is missing from the new list.

    ♥ Hannah



  7. Hi, I've just found your blog and I love it, as well as the pictures!!

    MAISON CHAPLIN: fashion shows, backtage, interviews with the best designers, photoshoots!

    Now following you, follow me 2! ;)

  8. I think the bloggers knit group is a fab idea. Gorge scarf honey.

  9. Wow you are really good it looks store bought!

  10. haha. The first time I started knitting it just seemed to get wider and wider and I was like, what?! haha. It's a beginner thing!

    x x x

  11. Did you knitted your own scarf? How creative!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  12. The scarf is fantastic and wow NY is really coming up soon!

    About Studio Ghibli, I would definitely recommened 'My Neighbour is totoro' it's a feel good movie... but Spirited away is definitely one of the best ones anyway!

  13. Great post, and great scarf! I'm hopeless at anything DIY/textiles related - I can't even sew to save myself! I just end up in a big messy threaded ball :( I'd love to teach myself to knit though, your scarf has given me inspiration to one day have a go myself. As for the colour of the cardigan - defo navy, just to be slightly different!

  14. The scarf looks very nice, would love a tutorial, thanks in advance.

  15. Your scarf looks fantastic! I would love to see a tutorial. I love knitting, I made my Nan teach me when I was about 12 but everything I made was hopelessly 'rustic' and yes, got wider and wider!