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29 October 2009

It's tag time; inspired by a post at Charade, I decided to profile my style in a simple CV  (résumé) style format, that forced me to think about my fashion choices throughout the years.  I guess with the end of the first Noughties decade approaching (now that sounds scary), it's interesting to think about how my style has changed over the years, and where it might be going next.  The task involves lots of Polyvore collages, which are surprisingly relaxing and probably quite revealing of what I might wear if I were a billionaires daughter and had a lot more time to get ready in the morning.  Seriously, I have probably worn less expensive versions of these collages and they illustrate the elements I use to create an outfit. Be prepared, I'm going to write it in third person, Craig David style.

Never wanting to appear too smart, a chunky cardigan is chucked over a floral dress, and ripped leggings are layered over plain grey.  The bag adds a flash of colour.  Details here.

Personal Statement:
Kristabel.  Slightly eccentric knitwear student living in London and preparing for 6 months of mass consumption in New York. 

Key Skills: 
Mixing different trends and patterns with varying degrees of success
Buying silly amounts of casual clothing yet somehow making them more 'dressy' for nights out
Managing to wear a combination of hoarded wardrobe staples and newer high-street splurges in a way that is true to herself, staying comfortable yet quirky 
Buying everything at some sort of discounted price

Four sets of random earrings are included for many ear piercings, as nothing is ever supposed to match.  The Mulberry bag is on an eternal wishlist.  Details here.

Style Summary:
pre 2000: Dressed by her mother in weird 90s ensembles, which often came in packs of two for maximum versatility.
2000-2001: Starts to become jealous of (male) cousin's wardrobe of designer sportswear.  Considers saving up for some Addidas tracksuit bottoms.  Hates the 'grunger/skater' style that some friends are adopting.  Has a real Burberry check scarf.
2001-2002: Begins to adopt the previously loathed 'grunger/skater' style.  Camden Market is visited weekly and Slipknot are style icons.  Jeans are flared and constantly trailing the floor.  Hates skirts.

Leggings are a main part of the wardrobe, and are often tucked into shoes to give a tights-like effect.  Bracelets are always worn on the left wrist.  Details here.

2002-2005: Gets first part-time job, making monthly Covent Garden H&M visits a necessity.  Slowly starts to develop a love of mixing and matching colours and patterns.  Sometimes attempts to look preppy/androgynous. Buys first skirt from Topshop, a bizzare denim mid-calf style.
2005-2007: Eyes opened by art foundation course and seeing some more extreme ways of dressing, and slowly starts to take a few risks.  Buys many more skirts, dresses and the first  pair of skinny jeans. A new job at Topshop and lethal discount card helps to expand the wardrobe rapidly.
2007-Present: University living brings shops within walking distance and a love of receiving things in the post.  Has gradually realised that she likes many things, from leotards to loafers, tartan to tapered trousers, and although not entirely sure she dresses her age, she doesn't really care.

Never afraid to be a bit covered up on an evening out, a bodysuit is layered under a dress to create a unique look. A vintage bag seals the deal.  Details here.
Constantly inspired by fashion blogs, slightly intimidated by Lookbook, distracted by eBay and fuelled by magazines. 

Ok, third person rambling over; this tag appealed, as I'm always reminiscing about fashion disasters of the past with friends, in a time where fashion trends were a bit muddled and we didn't look half as 'cool' as some of the younger people today. All of the dodgy styles I have adopted have helped to shape the person I am today, and even when I was wearing baggy jeans, bright yellow gypsy skirts and crazy t-shirts, beneath it all was a love of colour and texture and all things random.  It's taken me quite a few years to refine what I like to wear and even now I still like to pick and choose from a lot of different styles and trends and I'm always changing my opinion and opening my mind to new possibilities.  I guess that is my 'style'; fluidity and indecision.

Can you define your style and how it might have changed during this crazy decade?  Feel free to do this tag and go a bit Polyvore crazy like I did (I'm fully converted now).

Further reading: An interesting post on when too many styles take over your wardrobe and how the kids aren't how they used to be.


  1. Very interesting post. I like it when people actually analyze their style. You can learn so much from that.

  2. This is such a brilliant idea for a post! I have to say I could totally relate to a lot of your past experiences, including the whole skater/grunge trend and the horrible 90s ensembles forced upon me by my mother!

    I think it's a good thing that you are always redefining your style. I usually find people boring and arguably not very fashionable if they always dress in exactly the same predictable things anyway!

    p.s. I'm totally digging the idea of ripped leggings over solid grey. Very cool


  3. The first cardgian looks so comfy <3

  4. Hey hun, thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog x

    LOVE this post, it's one of the best I've read! It was just so interesting, and suchhh a good idea.

    ♥ Hannah



  5. Hey there! Awesome post! Thanks so much for visiting my site and for voting for me. :) That means so much! I just checked yours out and it rocks :) Love your look and all the bright colors/patterns you incorporate into your outfits! :)

    I did think about entering the tartan skirt outfit into the contest!! It was a very close tie between that outfit and the one I chose!! :)

  6. beatiful photos! and beautiful blog :)
    if you have time would you look at mine?
    thanks and keep it up!

  7. i wantt to make one of these.
    also... i hear you like complimentary champagne.
    SOS-er fi xx

  8. Brilliant idea for a post! I was a teenage goth, so you can imagine my sense of validation now that goth/grunge wear is cool...

  9. great post dear. you've maximized your polyvore passion, i must say. i can see quite a number of very vintage in your sets. i'm sure you can pull them well and give justice. :)

  10. AMAZING.

    Haha I had that dreaded grungey skater phase...but that definitely had a part in kick starting my love of clothes. Even though it was conforming to a set way of dressing, at the time I thought it was 'being different' which sort of trickles into the way I dress today! Same as you, Art influenced me in a big way regarding colours, prints and generally not having any rules. This most definitely applies to fashion too!

    Ahhh I wish I had a Mulberry bag too and...I am so excited for your NYC internship!

  11. what a great cv! im gonna check out polyvore coz i wanna make unique rebecca look! x

  12. This was an insightful and fun post. :) Love the grunge phase --- happens to the best of us, I say. :D


  13. omg i have similar leggings! they're great!

    i just added you to my 'blogs to covet' page per your request! what a lovely blog you have!

  14. you are so gorgeous and i love your leggings in the first photo. Also, I think I have the same scarf as you, it looks really good on you!


  15. What a great post really enjoyed reading it :)