Goodbye October...

2 November 2009

The last Friday of October was an eventful day.  As I'm moving to New York in less than two months  for my internship (I hope you don't get tired of me saying this, as I'm sure I'll find a way to work it into every post), I thought it was about time to get my visa sorted.  I managed to book my American Embassy appointment pretty sharpish and mentally prepared myself for a day of waiting around, as I'd heard that the process could leave me waiting around for almost four hours!  It's a rather strict place, with no phones, iPods or cameras allowed on the premises, meaning that I had to go back to basics, reading Twilight whenever I was bored and consulting a random watch if I ever needed to know the time.  My bag even had to go through an airport style X-ray scanner and my Christopher Kane for Topshop keyring was viewed with much suspicion. Luckily I was let inside and the visa interview didn't take too long (it was approved, meaning that I had managed to fill in many, many forms correctly at 1am earlier that morning) and I was able to unleash myself on Oxford Street with this month's wages securely in my bank account.

I like to roll my sleeves up, yes I do

I hadn't been into H&M for a while, due to having my Topshop blinkers on, so thought I'd better pay a visit as I'd heard they were doing a (brief) 15% student discount.  With the temperatures plummeting, I wanted to be sensible and buy a jumper that I'd seen on a blog, but couldn't remember the jumper or the blog, so didn't get very far in describing it to the shop assistants.  Luckily I found a cosy alternative, not the most interesting colour, but ripe for some Satorialist style latering with a blazer and a red scarf.  Being a knit fanatic, I always check the fabric description of my knits and was pleased to see it was an angora/cotton mix, making it really soft.

Trinny and Sussannah would probably say my body shape is a combination of a Lollipop, Cornet and Goblet, meaning that these kind of dresses aren't the best thing for me.  Despite this, I like to break the rules and think the ruching helps to create a bit of hippage. Of course it's a bit tricky to wear when you've just had a bacon sandwich...

After the moment of practicality, I got really distracted and ended up buying this body-concious dress, which isn't exactly the warmest thing in the world.  You might remember me saying that I'm not really a slinky dress kind of person, but really I had other ideas for it...

The dress is a proper bargain at £7.99.  Cost per wear will probably be about 2p by next Spring.

Having so many pairs of patterned tights and leggings means that I need plain tops and dresses to complement them.  Although this dress is rather fitted, the idea is to chuck shirts, cardigans and jumpers over it to create more of a shape while jazzing up the legs with the best of the tights/leggings archive.  Of course I also have the option of wearing it on it's own as a 'sexy' kind of dress, but that's not really me; more is more.

If you've managed to follow this rambling post, all of the stuff so far is from H&M and cost around £24 combined.  Bargain.

Also bought this years beanie hat, that I will probably lose in the next few weeks.  It's a vicious circle.

I told myself I could bring them back, I probably won't, bringing my brogue total to five pairs.  Next stop, penny loafers...

I only popped into Topshop Oxford Circus with the intention of buying yet another pair of tights (light grey ribbed to be exact) but ended up buying these Miss Selfridge brogues instead.  How did that happen?  I'm easily sidetracked...  Seriously, I've been underestimating good old Miss S lately and saw many dresses that were trying to tempt me and might have ended up on my staff card, if I weren't so adamant that I was going to try and make one.

I hope everyone had a good Halloween weekend!  I went as Lady Gaga, which bemused people at first, but I love any excuse to dress a bit crazily and in this case become a slightly dodgy blonde.  I wore the infamous Topshop sequinned hotpants over my jester tights, which was a liberating experience that I probably won't be repeating.  I was slightly dubious about the £4.99 wig at first, but I managed to tame it into something remotely Gaga-like.  I was singing along (Cheryl Cole style) to Poker Face all night.

This photo is one of the few that don't show all of the blonde hairs stuck to my face...

Here's a close up of the make-up for all you beauty bloggers out there, courtesy of Mum.  She also sourced the vintage jacket and belt I wore, which I shall almost certainly be borrowing whenever I want to channel a bit of 80s Dynasty. Next year I either want to go as a mime, or form a Anna Wintour/Grace Coddington double act with a fellow fashionista.  Who's with me?

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  1. gorgeous clothes, i want everything!
    nice costume:)


  2. love all the stuff you got! Lady Gaga seems to have been a popular look this year. Love your version!

  3. I love the way you've styled the bodycon dress into a layering piece! And your Lady Gaga costume makes me laugh only because it seemed like a very popular costume choice this year!

  4. Is there anything you DONT look good in? Seriously!

  5. marvellous costume!!! also once you go tight, you never go back! i don't think i'll ever tire of bodycon

  6. You actually have the best collection of tights I've ever seen.

  7. Celebrate to have found another person who share my devotion to tights...i'm a tightsaholic as well, man in this case and i have a big tights collection, although the range of tights is limited cause i can't wear them as i'd want to...

    Anyway, congrats for your maybe a fetish item for you???

  8. Wow I love all those tights....what a great collectoin - i want them all :)...I agree with the rolled up sleeves - I also do that.

    Great post
    Laura xxx

  9. what a long post! i love it reading long posts coz then i know im not the only one who just has tons to say and cannot just say SOME of it! anyway i laughed when i read your comment about the trinny and suzannah body shapes coz me and my friend used to be obsessed about it! im a column so basically i can wear nearly anything which btw im very grateful for. you look amazing in that hat. i bought a beanie but you couldnt see it coz its black and i have black hair and no fringe. it just ended up looking very funny!
    your lady gaga outfit is so cool and its such a great outfit! next year i think i might dress up as one of my friends or something else only my friends will find funny!
    i seem to be inspired by your post to write the longest comment possible! good night x

  10. Oh I think you look awesome, Looove the lady gaga look. I once went as Debbie Harry so I know how silly it feels to wear a short blonde bob hahaha.

  11. I somehow wish I were you right now. :) I miss NYC. You'll have a blast there.

  12. Hey sweetie, thanks for the comment you left on my blog :)

    LOVE this post - I'm always wearing my black bodycon dress with loads of layers! They're so versatile! And the lady gaga costume is genius!

    I'd love for you to come to the blogger meet up! I was thinking of planning something for early dec? Any ideas?

    ♥ Hannah


    PS: please enter the £50 ASOS voucher giveaway on my blog!


  13. congrats on the internship! i so desperately want to move back there (i went to fordham for my undergrad). i <3 that zippered slinky dress, i think it looks great on you. also, awesome costume!

  14. two months...omiiigaddd...(lucky lucky lucky)

  15. Wow, an internship in NY! Congrats! Well-deserved, I'm sure. :)


  16. great buys! i love your shoes & the bodycon dress. i think the jumper you were after was one i wore on my acid wash...if you look for it another time, they also do it in light blue & pink which should be more noticeable in the chaos of h&m :)