How to look a bit Aussie...

28 November 2009

I realise this is seriously delayed and I have some stiff competition, but when it comes to these things, it's really the taking part that counts. I've had a pretty good week anyway; is it too cheesy to say that I feel like a winner already? This is what driving test euphoria does to you...  So let me explain, a few weeks ago I received a curious looking parcel from Aussie, detailing a competition to sum up Aussie in an outfit and to share it with my 'community.' Now at first, I was slightly befuddled; how to sum up a hair product using clothing?

I love me personalised postcard...

I had to think back to when they first contacted me, with a mysterious sounding e-mail and lots of cheeky banter.  Aussie appears to be a laid back brand; rather than using confusing product jargon on their products, they tell it like it is, in fact the bottles are too friendly to just be bottles.  Where else would you see 'Don't just tame frizz, make it sit, beg and roll over' and be given advice to 'Use in a bath with good music on and candles lit.' Aussie wants girls to have fun, and so I present to you a chic yet fun outfit (plus a few new purchases)....

Velvet Shirt- Laura Ashley via Ebay
Lace dress- Topshop
Bracelet- Topshop
Sequin Belt- Vintage
Tights- House of Holland (pair number three...)
Brogues- Office

So here's where you come in; if you can sum up Aussie in an outfit, then you can win something too!  You could either comment on this post, write about it on your blog, do a Polyvore or Looklet collage, or send me an e-mail.  As it's a quick competition, you have until midnight on Monday 30th November to do it.  I'm I realise that this is seriously short notice, and I'm very disorganised but as Aussie are such a nice and generous brand, it's definitely worth doing. It's open to international readers too, so comment away!

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  1. Oh I love that white lace dress! So cute...


  2. im loving this:)
    im so angry i didnt reply to that aussie email i got a while back.

  3. Oh my. That white lace dress. I will look for something similar. :D


  4. That lace dress is similar to one I saw on Alexa Chung, but even better!
    Enter my Giveaway!

  5. the dress is gorgeous! and i really want those tights! such a great outfit! x

  6. Completely off topic, but if you do decide to get new mascara off your mom, go for the Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara. One of my friends uses that and she always looks like she had lash extensions done, but it's just the mascara. It's that amazing.