Now, where is my Swedish bank account...

15 November 2009

There hasn't been a lot of Monki love on here for a while but believe you me, it's still there.  The site is still as whimsical as ever and the clothes are just a bit more interesting than your usual high-street fare.  I know I'll soon be catapulted into the world of American shopping (hello Forever 21), but that won't stop me forgetting my favourite European brands.  In fact I'll be stalking them from afar.  These are the bits that I would buy, if I had some Swedish Kronor to hand...

All Images found by here.  If you do happen to have a Swedish bank account, do you know how much this might cost and can I pay you back in monthly instalments?

I love the shapes, prints and quirky details  they include in their clothes (such as the sleeveless black shirt above with so much layering potential), which remain reasonably priced.  The imagination behind the design team is incredible; what other high-street brand would create it's own land straight out of a modern fairytale, involving bugs and high-rise buildings? I'm also fond of their dancing Lookbook, which I could probably watch all day. 

I'm not sure if they will ever open in the UK (please, please hear my pleas) but they have a few new stores in Germany, giving me a reason to visit my aunt who lives there.  I'm sure she'd like to drive roughly 100 miles to get all my future Christmas and birthday presents.  Let me know what you like from their new collection and whether you live within a 500 mile radius of a Monki store.

I was also given this lovely award by Oranges and Apples, a fellow knitter!  Thanks again, and I pass it along to:

London Rose
Diamond Canopy
We Scream Style
Tan Shoes with Pink Shoelaces
Pixelated Blonde
Ripped Knees

Enjoy the links above and I hope you have a great Sunday!

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  1. Aww thanks for the award!! We must meet once before you leave for NY ;)

  2. I want the boots. Been looking for something similar for weeks!


  3. awwww thanks for the award :)

    i love every single piece of clothing u picked out from monki! especially that mesh-style top and flat brown boots! so much potential!

    ♥ Hannah



  4. hi there! Great picks and thanks for coming by and for the lovely comment. Hahaha yeah if I were in New York, I would have to stay home and never leave to stay on a shopping ban. Defintely IMpossible. But congrats on your move, I'm so excited for you! I have yet to go to NYC but believe me, the day I do, that city is going down, I am going to shop that place dry! LOL

    Good luck with the moving!

  5. I'm so jealous your going to be able to shop in F21! I have an online gift card, but am hesitant to use it because the shipping is so insane.

    Love your Monki picks :)

  6. Hello girl!

    How cool are you!!!
    I am impressed by your great style and beauty! Thanks so much for exchanging links to me. I love to make new friends!

    all my love,

  7. Oooh lovely, thanks for the award!
    That Tie dye look tee in the left hand corner reminds me an awful lot like my French connection one! I'd love to shop in Monki too. That half sheer shirt dress is beautiful!

    You'll soon be telling us about your shopping trips stateside!

  8. love the tie dye shirt. its perfect for layering. all the pieces are great for layering. im definately joining the swedish loving! x

  9. Ohhh this is looks lovely,
    Really wish they would open up in the UK too, am feeling the Swede loveee :)

  10. Congrats on getting an award you surely deserved it!

  11. oooh i'm loving the bleached shirt and the brown little booties!

  12. I absolutely lovvvve Monki. I might start a petition to get one here in the UK! I think as stylish women, it is perfectly within our rights to have a Monki nearby.

  13. I haven't heard of it before, so thanks for sharing!

  14. Aww, thanks for the award! I'll have to include it in my next blog post fa sho' :) Wow, that shop looks great as well... loving the knitted bracelets!

    -Anna Jane xxx

  15. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog!

    I NEED those tan boots in my life now.
    Some one get me a pair too!?
    hope you are well

  16. Lovely clothes! I want that lace bodysuit...

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