Save Luella!

11 November 2009

Super quick post before I go to work, but I couldn't hear the news about Luella going under and not do something about it.  It is the one label I aspired to buy if I ever managed to get a 'proper' job, and possible bankrupt myself over if I didn't. I even based a Univerisity project around the brand and went to the boutique as 'research.' Being the Photoshop geek I am, I quickly whipped up this badge to show my support, so feel free to put it on your blogs too.

This campaign has even been featured on the Australian Marie-Claire site!  Randomness!  I will try and do a 'proper' Luella love post when I've fully digested this news and a final verdict is reached.  I'm still living in hope that a backer can be found before Christmas. If not, could there be some kind of Luella shareholder scheme for the fashionable masses? 

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  1. Oh I love that badge! Deffinitely going on my blog.
    It's so sad! I'm doing a fashion project on her right now. I'm really hoping that some kind person will step in and save the lovely brand.

    Florrie x

  2. Omgg
    This is awful!!
    Thanks, so blogging that

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOO awful news to wake up to :(

  4. Love the badge. You should print t-shirts with it on.

  5. this is such sad news, I love(d)? Luella

  6. Ah it is such a shame that Luella may possibly be non-existent! I absolutely love their designs, they're so gorgeous. I'll be gutted if i never get to buy a piece of Luella, too :(

    i currently have a discount code on my blog for, a gorgeous jewellery site, so feel free to check out my blog for the code :)


  7. I join the campaign to save them. Their stuff is far to pretty to be 'no more'.

  8. I have copied your badge to put on my blog I do have a small one but this is loads better xoxo
    Really sad :( news I love her collections
    Great Blog :)

  9. I'm adding this too..! maybe we should make one for Lacroix too..