When Sport and Fashion collide

8 November 2009

It seems that November is the month for press days aplenty and I was beginning to feel I was out of luck, until I received an e-mail from the lovely Pam inviting me to Adidas HQ in Covent Garden.  Now having shunned any form of exercise since the age of 16 apart from walking to, from and around shops (I lasted for around 3 months being a gym bunny) I'm not much of a sportswear devotee. That could change after seeing the latest Y-3 for Adidas collection, designed by world renowned Yohji Yamamoto and learning how his ethos is translated into sportswear. The latest collection was inspired by the upcoming 2010 World Cup (the only time when I will actually sit down and watch a football match) and the federations involved.  Ok, sports-speak over, what I liked about the clothes was the exaggerated silhouettes, deconstruction and attention to detail, so here's a few of my favourite elements of the collection.

A bit of summer knit action; I loved the quality of this fine top and the cut-outs which encapsulate the idea of having a vest layered underneath.  A very clever idea.  I could see myself jogging in this or at least pretending to, then giving up and getting some Nandos.

Gorgeous photo-floral prints are here to stay next summer; I loved this fun take on the sporty bikini.  I wished that the bottoms next to them could be made in a tighter, leggings like form.

Now here's something you might get tangled up in; I was extremely drawn to the numerous ways the humble vest top can be reinvented and how the once simple structure can played with and turned on it's head.  The multiple straps and barely visible layers underneath definitely appealed and each design had some extra kind of detail added, separating it from the usual sportswear fare.  These pieces made me think of a stripped down version of the deconstructed  jersey I'd seen at the Hussein Chalayan exhibition earlier this year, though this time the basic colour scheme meant the form could truly be appreciated. 

The catwalk images were also intriguing, with a laser cut mesh structure present in many of the designs, reminding me of large knitted loops.  I'm not sure what the garment in the third picture is, but if it's a bodysuit, then I'm definitely interested.  On the whole, I had an interesting evening at Adidas, seeing how the game of football could be translated into fashion forward garments and with all the creative elements I saw, my perception of the brand has definitely changed.  Now I can only hope for some of the pieces to appear in future Net a Porter sales to kickstart my new sportier lifestyle for 2010. 

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  1. Oh, this reminds me to re-new my gym card.. Haha.

  2. Gorgeous items, great post!


  3. Hey sweetie, I just wanted to thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog, and for all your help so far with the blogger meet-up :) you've been SUCH a big help and given me so many ideas, I really appreciate it! I love the pub idea so much I might ask if people would prefer that to a big glamourous do lol, it's so rock 'n' roll :P

    Love all that sportswear... if only I was the teeeeeensy bit sporty... *sighs*

    ♥ Hannah


    PS: please enter the £50 ASOS voucher giveaway on my blog if you haven't already!


  4. Goodness I do love sports wear, but not so much sports...though I do run three times a week...but i hate it.

  5. Nice and sporty pieces, good write-up too!

  6. i love love love that weird tank top! im so desperate for one! its such a clever concept! x

  7. i love the black top, sylish and sporty ;)

  8. Oh looks good! Love that Yamamoto had a part to this. Makes me completely rethink sportswear...but not enough to encourage me to go to the gym...haha.

    Are you off to Topshop s/s next week by any chance? I think I am going :)

  9. i really love adidas collaborations. Y3 has always great tees and hoodies.

  10. great blog, i'm definitely following! love the weird shapes of the tops! great photos!