I see Paris, I see France

8 December 2009

I've been invited to take part in a competition by Le Noveau Paris, summing up my dream weekend in Paris with €1000 to spend.  Paris is a city I've only visited once before, but I'd love to experience it with 10 times the amount I had back in March, so here is what my dream trip would entail.

After a quick champagne breakfast at the St Pancras Grand, I hop onto the Eurostar with my chosen companion.  I'd probably be knitting something to keep my hands occupied during the journey (perhaps a new scarf) and we would discuss movies and tv shows where the  heroine has a showdown in Paris (Sex and The City and the Devil wears Prada spring to mind).  Having €1000 spending money to spare, my usual wardrobe would of course be fabulous, so my imaginary travel outfit would consist of the following.

 Details here

As soon as I step onto the Platform at Gare du Nord, my GCSE French miraculously comes back to me, and I am able to successfully navigate ourselves to our chosen destination: The House of Chanel, the result of an invitation by Karl Lagerfeld himself.

See more here.

Being within the space Chanel lived in would be a surreal experience, almost as if she had never left. with many of her posessions scattered around.  While looking at where she sat, sketched, ate and even slept, I am filled with a mixture of inspiration and awe at her legacy.

A quick stop to the Chanel boutique is needed to inspect the current collection up close.

Then it's off to the vintage markets of St Ouen to check out some vintage versions of the legendary bags.  I would love a bag with a story (and a bargain).  There's some haggling to be done...

 Own images 1, 3, 8; rest Yvan Rodic

On the way back to the hotel, I'm inspired by everything, signs, architecture and especially people.  There's some awesome and unexpected street style. 

Back to the modern hotel Mama Shelter to check a few e-mails and tweets (Susie Bubble recommends, so it's a bloggers dream), before getting ready for dinner at the Ritz, the epitome of fine dining.

Details here.

The vintage Chanel bag bought at the market completes the outfit perfectly.

After a tasty meal, a quick walk along the river leads us to a late night party on the Batofar boat.  There'd be some kind of random electro music playing that I wouldn't quite understand, but still have fun dancing to.

Details here

Somehow we wake at a decent hour (with miraculously clear heads) and make our way to the Madeleine Vionnet exhibition at Les Arts Decoratifs.  I sketch wildly, filling much of my notebook and my head with ideas.  I stock up on postcards to adorn my walls at home.

A quick look in Colette, for some fashionable Christmas presents.  I'd buy this Lanvin snowball for someone else, but secretly want to keep it for myself, plus some vouchers for my Mum.

Found here.

We grab a quick crepe before a quick look in some of the Marais boutiques.  I spend a few more Euros on some vintage knits and dresses.

Image here

Then we watch the sun set by the Notre Dame Cathedral; I might take a few photos as inspiration for a future collection.

 Found here

Quick!  Not long until the train back to London leaves, but I remember to grab a copy of French Vogue before I board.  

What would you do during your dream trip?

Update: I didn't win the dream trip, but I do get a return ticket to Paris!  I'm giving it to me Mum as I'm not able to take it myself, so expect a guest post from her soon!?
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  1. I've been to Paris only once as well and it would be great to go back with 1000 to spend, I can't imagine the sorts of things you could do.

  2. i dunno what id do in paris but i love the outfits you chose to wear so if i did go with 1000 euros id probably buy those outfits! x

  3. sounds great loving all the polyvore xxx

  4. I adore your blog!
    And the paris post - I would love to live there one day :-)

    Colette is an amazing store! And your picture of the crepe reminded me of my happy memories of when we had them with nutella off the street yumm :)

    Salut de victoria de nouvelle zealande x

  5. This post is so much fun! I've really enjoyed it. Your weekend plan sounds absolutely lovely to me.


  6. I've never been to Paris,
    your dream sound trip sounds like heaven though

  7. Oooh Paris. I definitely agree with you on the trip to a chanel boutique front. *drool*

    - Anna Jane xxx

  8. your blog is amazing! such beautiful photos...
    if you have time would you look at mine?
    thanks and keep up the great work!

  9. Oh how I want to go to Paris! And I've decided 2010 is going to be the year one way or another.
    I love your styling- especially the first outfit; that gorgeous patterned bag against the nautical stripe. :) Really lovely.
    And I really enjoy looking at the images in this post.

    Florrie x