Bloggers go wild, Aussie style

13 December 2009

Another seriously delayed post, but I just had to share pictures from the final Aussie haircare event.  As you know, Aussie has been very generous to us in the past and recently treated us to a night out at the swanky club Mahiki in Mayfair, complete with endless cocktails, tasty dim sum and topless waiters.  This was not an ordinary Thursday night.

We got given these handy cases full of Aussie products on arrival, Max Factor make-up and a handy contraption designed to hang your bag off a table. This is not my box pictured; mine is currently a home to all my jewellery!

When you get to my age, you can safely say that you've had friends for over ten years.  Saya is one of those friends and I invited her to let her see the world of blogging.  We used to have blogs in our early teens, but they were rather different (think girly squabbles) and eventually fizzled out, but I hope she takes it up again.  I also invited Reena, who unfortunately had to leave early (alas no photographic evidence) but I'm sure she had a great time.

 I attempt to make a cocktail, thus realising I could never work in a bar. Also realised that it looks like I have a giraffe on my head. This is not the case.

These treasure chests cost about 100 quid each!  Moet Champers is luxuriously poured over fresh fruit and various other forms of alcohol and is brought to the table with a fanfare of sparklers to get everyone's attention.

Sammy, Hannah, Me, Saya, Yishyene, Rose; I could get used to this...

 Tor from Fabrocks was also there, along with Jenny from The Style PA; one treasure chest per table meant we were really spoilt! 

 This lovely man brought us food

It was also great to meet Hannah from London Rose properly

No proper outfit posts, but here are my new lace tights from Topshop layered over some purple Primarni

I'd like to thank Aussie and the lovely ladies (and some males I believe) at 1000 heads for throwing a great party!  The Uncover Aussie project has helped introduce me to a wider world of blogging; I vaguely knew about beauty bloggers but I never realised the impact they seem to be having at the moment.  As you know, I rarely feature make-up on this blog as it's not something I wear a lot of (plus I'm slightly scared about things going wrong and looking like a drag queen) but I'm slowly discovering new products and trying new looks partly because of the friendly and honest way they talk about products.  I've also enjoyed meeting some new fashion bloggers and I'm sure the meet-ups will continue, in fact, I should have two more blogger-filled posts this week.

For other far more superior quality pics, check out flickr

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  1. Your pictures don't load on my computer :'(

    I wish they could because I've been following your Aussie blogs avidly... *Sobs*

    xxx A

  2. jesus im sooo jealous, that looks like it was fantastic! x

  3. Well you're at least quicker than me! Re the 3rd photo I was wondering for a while if you were wearing a giraffe headband! Was like WOW I want one toooo!

  4. I have never tried Aussie hair products, I probably should! It looks like you had a good night on the Aussie event.

  5. I think any event where men that yummy serve food/drinks is a great event! haha


  6. i love the lace tights over coloured tights. its such a great idea! i definitely want to try it maybe ill do it with leggings. thanx for the inspiration! x

  7. Ahaha looks like insane gun, nice waiter too!

  8. That looks so fun! And luxurious
    I adore your giraffe headpiece too, headpieces are all the rage right now ;)

  9. That looks like so much fun! I love your lace tights.

  10. What a fabulous event! Everyone looks so glam, and that party favor is fantastic!


  11. This looks amazing! Aussie have been doing some really good things lately. I adore their shampoo too :)x

  12. Seems you had so much fun dear ! Really love the tights you wore . xooxoxox .

  13. The one time I was in the UK I noticed fashion and more fashion and more fashionable people. Looks like so much fun. Cheers to your blog.