Good Mornin' USA

29 December 2009

If you watch American Dad, then you know how the rest goes; this is the view from my bedroom window

After what seems like an eternity due to much-needed extra security checks and a crazy line for immigration, I have finally reached New York!

Random fact: My immigration officer was called Perez, I refrained from making the obvious jokes.

I arrived on Sunday evening, slightly delirious after a journey spanning around 14 hours and many paranoid moments, yet I soon got stuck into things once I'd reached my accomodation.  It's amazing that shops are open 24/7 even on Sundays, so I randomly bought some cotton wool, a massive burger and watched the bizarre Jersey Shore before trying to get some much needed sleep (before waking up at precisely 5am the next day).  Today I feel a bit more settled; I've been busy sorting out bank accounts, phones and catching up with Uni mates that are here with me.  Being the control freak I am, I like to know where I'm going, but the seemingly simple grid system for the streets are still confusing me.  Hopefully today I can explore a bit more and get more of a feel for this city.  The above (really smiley) photo was taken in Times Square, a rather busy place with a lot going on.  The weather is certainly chilly, but I'm going to experiment with multiple layers of tights and thermals today to see how I get on.

I love this shoe box and will be finding a way to take it back on the plane

Jeffrey Campbell 99 Zip Wedge aka my new BFFs

Anyways, I've saved the best bit until last; meet my new shoes.  I've been doing my American research for a very long time (there are bookmarks folders and everything) and once I saw these part Acne, part Emma Cook creations by Jeffrey Campbell on the Revolve clothing site back in November, I knew I had to own them.  Luckily a kind friend took delivery of the parcel (which apparently took ages to arrive, but that's another story) and I was united with them yesterday.  The size is practically spot on (I now have size US 10 feet, happy days) but I may pop an insole inside for the perfect fit.  On first impressions, they feel really comfortable as they have a wedge heel that appears higher than it actually is and I'm having visions of myself walking for miles and miles in them and not feeling any pain.  I'll let you know the reality.

Hoping to check out some real life shops today to see what's out there before my placement starts next week.  I was probably a bit silly and packed a bit too much (not for two weeks as advised, but perhaps enough for two weeks on Mars) so I'm expecting some excess baggage on the way back.  Let's not think about that now; I'm going to get to grips with language barriers (I can't find blu-tack), eat some interesting food and hopefully meet some cool people.  I'm going to try and put random, non fashion-bloggy photos on my Facebook page, so make sure you join!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a great New Years Eve!



  1. i love them boots! they are so similar to the acne ones! hopefully i'm getting a pair soon too :D have fun in new york xxx

  2. Oh my goodness you're in NYC already! I can't believe that came round so soon. Looks like you're having the most amazing the shoes!! Good luck with the placement next week, you'll be great!

  3. oooh how exciting! i bet new years eve in new york will be fabulous! good luck with your placement :)

  4. perhaps Im a bit late. but where is your placements?


  5. Welcome to the U.S! I like how you said "eat some interesting food". I wasn't aware that our food was any different from what you eat in the UK. xD

  6. Glad you arrived safely darling, sucks that you had such a long journey though. Love the shoes and the box is great!
    I expect to see lots of US snaps!

  7. haha that's so funny that you think shops being open on sunday is strange
    when i went to europe i thought it was strange how much was closed on sunday, and when i stayed in spain, how most of the city closed down during lunch haha

  8. yay, you made it there okay! LOVE the new shoes.

  9. Haha, I didn't think the the shops being open on Sunday was strange in itself, just that they were open till late/24/7. I'd just arrived and was able to buy anything I needed!

  10. Just found your blog, and it is amazing!

  11. Yay, you've arrived! Hope you finally figure out the grid system soon. :D

  12. The shoes are BEYONd amazing <3

  13. wowowow! love the shoes! they look so much more easy to walk in than the acne wedges, and there's maybe a smaller chance you'd break an ankle! how do people react to you being english?

  14. I need those shoes in my life BADLY! xx How much?!