Swishy times

18 December 2009

If you're anything like me, you probably have a lot of clothes you seem to keep (perhaps for sentimental value), but never wear.  I can pretty much remember the circumstances in which I acquired most items in my wardrobe, which perhaps makes me less likely to get rid, but eventually you just have to let go.  The Tampax Pearl Swishing party held last week at Punk was the perfect oppurtunity to do just that; bring five items to swap and hopefully leave with another five belonging to various other people (outsmarting Mother Nature in the process).  After all, surely one man's trash is another man's treasure?

  The location of the swishing event, Punk has previously hosted celebs such as Agyness Deyn, Kate Moss and the Gossip.  Just setting the scene for you

The room was filled with bloggers, cupcakes, and items such waiting to be 'swished'; everyone had a raffle ticket to exchange for the items of their choice

I'm not sure if I was trying to barter here, or bore some unsuspecting person about the origin of my items.  Can you spot Reena and Hannah?

Carrie, Me, Kavita and Hannah do some extreme posing

Upstaged by the drag queen, what a bad day to run out of eyeliner; Nicola goes wild with Amy; We were given badges by the organisers for some shameless self promotion, Carrie d├ębuts hers; Mother Nature with her monthly 'gift' certainly caused an outrage as she was later defaced by marker pens

After the swishing (and fits of jealousy) we were treated to a club night, where a random drag queen worked the room and chatted to everyone about their new purchases.  A lot of girly anthems were played, a lot of dancing was done (in a big circle, where occasionally others would randomly sashay into the middle) and I ended up staying slightly longer than planned (partly due to the free bar).  So what did I manage to 'swish'?  Well, as I'd arrived late and didn't get a proper chance to take a look around before the madness started, I probably missed out on some amazing finds (I saw someone with two faux fur items and the lovely Kavita got a vintage lace blazer).  My favourite item I managed to find was this polka dot dress and although it needs some serious alterations, I saw some potential. 

Crappy photo I know, but there are such cute bows on the pockets.  I would hem this to the hilt.

I guess that swishing can be lumped with the many Extreme Fashion Events, such as the Angels Sale or first day of Jimmy Choo for H&M; you have to adopt a certain mentality to get what you want.  The exact same mentality used to get a seat on the tube; niceties just don't cut it here and there's no point in pausing for thought.  Swishing is definitely a great idea and I'd love to try and attempt it again when I'm feeling a bit more alert, as depending on the others involved, you can walk away with some great stuff for free. I was also surprised that four of my items I'd brought with me went quite quickly (I was convinced that they'd be the lone dregs left on the rack) so I'm glad I was able to make someone happy with some of my old stuff.   I guess this event has inspired me to have more frequent wardrobe clearouts; I now have a 'stuff-I-don't-wear-as-much-as-I-should-but-still-want-to-keep' drawer which is definitely an improvment to an overstuffed wardrobe.  Hopefully in a few months I can bear to get rid of more items and control the chaos that is my clothing collection.  How are your wardrobes doing?

Just a reminder that I'm moving away next week, so if anyone wants anything from the shop, you'd better place your orders soon!

I will also be drawing the competition winner this weekend!  Thanks to everyone who entered; Twitter decided to delete a lot of the hashtags, but as long as you mentioned me, it should be fine. Also, 96 followers!  Happy days!  Can I make it 100 before 2010...



  1. this looks fantastic. i want to take part in a swishing party. i could bring several bags, im sure. my wardrobe is such a mess. sooo much stuff. x

  2. Aw, that looks like fun! I've just found out there will be a couple of local swishing events near me next year and I'm dying to take part!

  3. this was so much fun :) those 2 faux fur items were mine & rachel's! lol x

    I'm still so upset I missed the blogger meet-ups, I'd been looking forward to them for ageeees! You'll have to tell me all about them!

    <3 Hannah

  4. I wish we have these kinds of events here. I'd show up for the cupcakes. Haha


  5. That is a brilliant idea!

    I think we have a few things like that in Auckland such as rare swap meets once every few months but this kind of thing looks amazing.

    I do agree with you on how one girls trash is anothers treasure - it is a great way to get rid of unwanted clothing but to also get something fab back!

  6. Wow great blog and great pictures, looks like a lot of fun!
    We are throwing another big Swish on the 9th January in London, should be a great day.
    lots more info at www.swishing.com

    Happy Swishing


  7. sounds like such a fun party and btw congrats on all the followers. i follow you on bloglovin and now i just clicked to follow you on blogger so hoe that helps! x

  8. I know I've already commented this but just wanted to say thanks for the comment, and I love the idea of layering tights underneath! I'll def be playing around with different colours and textures.

    Almost moving day for you now, how exciting!

    ♥ Hannah



  9. Sounds like it was a great event, and lovely dress you've managed to acquire too!

    Oh I'm sure you'll be fine with the New York weather, if you can stand this sudden snow influx here I'm sure you'll be prepared for it all! I shall expect lots of lovely updates from the other side of the Atlantic!

    - Anna Jane xxx

  10. Ah, sounds you guys had so much fun!! It must be so nice to meet bloggers in person, such a great way to make new friends (especially as you're guaranteed to have common interests haha)...I wish I could go to all those events, which look so cool, but I must be doing something wrong or something! xD