Time for a New Look methinks

10 December 2009

So finally here we have it, the final press day of the season.  In fact the mother, father and great-grandmother of all press days, with canap├ęs (I ended up making a slight mess with some runny egg),  smoothies and the fashion elite in attendance. New Look is a firm fixture on every high street these days, but did you know the brand is actually 40 years old? It's certainly come a long way from humble beginnings in it's 1969 Taunton store and the modern, directional Spring Summer 2010 collection  definitely proves it.  As soon as I entered the press room, I felt like I was in an exclusive boutique (albeit one with extremely reasonably priced clothes that I wanted to own immediately) and I was pretty much overwhelmed at the rails of new season delights.  Work could wait; I had to have a look at every piece in the room.  I guess I can split my favourite elements of the collection into pretty/feminine/retro and edgy/urban/sportswear.  What can I say? I have multiple fashion personality disorder.

Is it possible to be in love with a skirt?  Very much so; who's joining me in loving the architectural qualities of the one above...

Pretty prints and embellishment are here to stay and I picked out a few whimsical faves reminiscent of my beloved Monki.  I also loved the string-like Idol top, perhaps a distant relative of a Iris van Herpen creation and perfect for some beach layering.  These clothes might just be making me book a 'proper' summer holiday next year.

I also have a few exclusive lookbook images to share.  Being a 50s/80s dress fanatic, I'm loving these Luella-like offerings, which are perhaps not quite saving the brand but keeping it alive nonetheless.  We should all try and recreate the SS10 collection, using whatever the high street has to offer. 

The kids aren't left out of all this fashion malarkey; I'd love my 8-year-old sister to channel something like this, though she's more interested in channeling her Nintendo DS.  One day...

What more can I say?  The new collection is amazing, varied and very easy on the purse strings. I'm rather annoyed I'll be out of the country when most of this hits but hopefully my Mum will be happy to provide some kind of postage service if/when I get the New Look cravings.

Don't forget to enter the House of Holland tights competition, if you have never commented before, now is the time!



  1. To be honest ive never been a massive fan of new look but this collection is completely amazing!

    I want it all and will certainly be going to my local branch as soon as possible!! I soo cant believe its 40 years old!

    And wear was that little outfit when i was eight?! I would have loved to wear that, its so cute!!


  2. I've noticed that New Look have become a lot more fashionable recently and I love it =] This new collection is great.

  3. WOW, I absolutely LOVE that stringy top in your playground vintage section!!

  4. I'm excited for this to start coming in to stores now! My bank account is already trembling!

  5. how cute are those bows! Minnie mouse has nothing on them

  6. Holy Moly, New Look have really stepped up a gear for the Spring/Summer season! I'm LOVING that vintage playground stuff... couldn't believe that was NL for a moment! I am *so* saving my pennies. thanks for sharing.

    Gah, I so want to come to the blogger meet up KB, but on 12th Dec. I have a teaching interview and I won't be in London til the 18th. Sucks :( Will defo have to meet up in the new year though! Sorry to be a let down :(

    - Anna Jane xxx

  7. I have to say that skull knitted jersey is very cool.

    The little bows are super adorable.


  8. I never venture into newlook, but i think i'll have to make a trip in the summer!

  9. I was looking through the lookbook just now and was wondering whether it reflects my own style that my favourites were from the kids section! Haha...me dress like a child? Never! ;)

  10. I thought you'd be invited aswell as I was told that they only invite London bloggers, and I don't think there are that many of us that blog consistently! You got some great photos!!

  11. I think I'm in love with just about everything on those hangers!

  12. I love all the great prints! So fabulous. :D

    P.S. I can't really speak Japanese yet. I just know some basic stuff. xD

  13. Wow, I am really loving this new collection must get my hands on it. When are you coming to ny?

  14. 40 years? Who would have thought? Though I never liked NL much I'll definitely check out their new collection. Thanks for your lovely comment on my tie-dye post! Sabine x

  15. Wow... New Look has gotten so much better since I visited! I loved all the lacy, vintage-like tops.