Wrapping things up...

25 December 2009

There really should have been a picture of presents here, but I forgot and they're all open now.  Luckily everyone liked their choices;  I got some money as I'm boring like that...

Is it too late to say, Merry Christmas? This time of the year always catches me by surprise, moreso this year due to my impending move.  I've been too busy sorting out clothes, currency and various other things to get excited about Christmas, heck I didn't even do a blog wishlist like last year.  Trying to get your head around moving away during the craziest time of year is tricky, as everyone's focus is elsewhere. It's rather strange to watch people stressing out about buying the right gift voucher for their offspring while I'm worrying about not seeing family and friends for seven months and being pushed out of the comfort zone of South East London.

 Too many shoes?

The streamlined collection includes lace, floral and polka dots.  Not sure about whether to bring the Map of France tights, yay or nay?

Of course I had to write about the packing; I typically never travel light wherever I go but this journey must be an exception.  I am basically trying to narrow down All The Things I Want To Take, into a more manageable amount, considering that I'll be buying new bits as soon as I touch American soil (I may have started already, but we'll discuss that next week). I guess I'm starting to regret buying so many tights in the past few months, since having to narrow down my vast collection to around 16 pairs is heartbreaking.  Despite this, I'm looking forward to moving to NYC as all of the prices I see in dollars on blogs will finally become relevant and be able to put my dodgy American geography to the test. The last time I went, I was 15 and in the grunge/skater phase, so brought little back in the way of decent clothing as my style wasn't yet defined.  It was also during a pretty sheltered school trip so I had no idea where I was going or the extent of what there is to see and do, so I'm looking forward to discovering new places and getting to know the city as well as London.  I'm also trying out a Topshop ban while I am there, as I resent the higher prices (and lack of staff/uniform discount) so will try and supplement the Topshop loving for Urban Outfitters

It finally feels real that I'm going...

I'm not really having a blogging break, but I may need a bit of time to sort myself out and get my bearings when I arrive.  I'll be twittering bits of my airport journey as I'm flying solo, so hopefully all goes well and by the next time I post, I'll be in New York!

Merry Christmas to you all!  Hope you had a great day and ate lots of yummy stuff!



  1. Good luck with NYC.
    I do rather like the look of your tights collection, especially the floral.

    Merry Christmas!

    Florrie x

  2. Hope you have a fantastic trip,
    It is always fun going on new adventures abroad!

    And Post merry Christmas too :D Hope you have a wonderful day!

    Best, V.

  3. NYC is so fun! Of course I'm on the complete opposite coast, but I'm sure you'll love it. :D
    The west coast is fun to. It's just not as historical. All we have is the great movement from East to West and the California gold rush. xD
    Anyways, good luck. c:

  4. Oh how exciting that you are moving to New York!
    That city is amazing, you will have a lot of fun.
    good luck to you

  5. Awwww how amazing that you're going to New York! It seems that every British blogger's dream shopping destination is Paris or NY, which is weird since bloggers overseas swoon over London...you can't win hahaha

    Hope you have an AMAZING time, and feel free to enter my Lula giveaway :)

  6. i hate packing coz youre never quite sure what youre gonna be in the mood for. i usually end up trying to cram my whole wardrobe in my suitcase and end up sneaking some of my stuff into my sisters suitcase coz last time her suitcase weighed 9 kilos! i mean she is only 12 but me and mum were just thinking of all that wasted space like she could have told us! anyway we have learnt our lesson! x

  7. You must be soo excited!! I love the tights collection and you can never have too many shoes x

  8. How exciting! Cannot wait to read your NY posts. :)


  9. NYC, you lucky sausage!
    no more carpeted seats on the tube
    have fun xx

  10. Merry christmas darling, good luck with the move.
    Oh and thank you again for the tights!

  11. What a start to the New Year! Wishing you all the best and lots of (good) adventures. Looking forward to your updates! Sabine x

  12. Hope the move went well sweetie! We'll all have to meet-up when you come back. You better keep me updated on your new exciting NY life, lucky girl!

    Much love,

    ♥ Hannah



  13. good luck with NYC


  14. Urban Outfitters in NY is amazing, I've gotten some amazing bargain there, and they do much more in the way of gifts and cool little bits for the home.

    Have a great trip, I love your blog!

    Madness of Mundanity