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27 June 2009

My mind is about as disorganised as my room. I'm still trying to unpack all the stuff I brought home from uni, and I can't really find anything. Definitely going to have a few bags for the charity shop, but there's a lot of stuff that doesn't even make the grade for that in the forgotten drawer under my bed. Anyways, I love a good tag, and I was asked by the lovely Libby at Fashionconfectionary to do this survey. Computer says yes.

What is your current obsession?

Blogs, blogs and more blogs! My Google Reader list is seemingly never ending. Apart from that,
going out for meals, shopping and getting the maximum amount of discount on everything seems to be what people currently associate me with.

What is your horoscope & do you relate to it?
A quick Google search tells me that Leos are creative, independent, hard
-working, generous yet also stubborn, conceited and bossy and prone to lazing around at times. This is all pretty much true (especially the lazing around part, and not so much the conceited part) though nothing I read in my horoscopes ever happens to me, so I don't really follow them.

What are you wearing today? What's the last thing you bought?
I am wearing boring clothes to slob around the house, denim shorts and a blue t-shirt, as it is boiling in London town right now. Although I'm trying to curb my spending, I did buy some bargainous leotards and leggings from eBay. I was trying to think ahead for Autumn/Winter when I chose the black velvet one, otherwise I would have ended up with even more crazy florals. I know they look a bit skimpy, but be assured, they do stretch and look great teamed with high-waistedness. I got them here. Man I love eBay.

What do you think about the person who tagged you?
She's a great blogger, with a wonderful and varied blog, thoughtful posts and great inspiration.

That question about a fully furnished, paid-for that everyone answers with 'Paris' or 'New York'.
Shall I conform? The practical side of me would say Central London, as I can easily see family and friends, yet be a stones throw away from numerous shops, clubs and restaurants. Shad
Thames near the Design Museum is the perfect area (with Greenwich a close second) as I'd like to try and haggle at Borough Market for my dinner and hang out by the river in the summer. A nice penthouse apartment will do, with a rooftop garden, maybe 3 bedrooms; I'm not fussy. I'm aware this answer could change after living in New York come January.

What's for dinner?
Chicken, potato wedges, French bread and coleslaw, plus ice-cream with chocolate syrup for desert. Yum; I'm loving home cooking at the moment, perhaps slightly too much.

What's your favourite decade, fashion-wise?
It's hard to say, but I love anything 1950s, and the 1980s brash and eclectic take on it.

flickr and tfs

What is your must haves for summer?
Gladiator sandals, big shades and anything floral, complete with a crazy necklace.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would it be?
To sleep? Well apart from that, it'd be nice to go to Jamaica and visit my grandparents, I haven't seen them for ages.

What is your favourite piece of clothing from your own closet?
Very tricky to choose, but I am fond of my first eBay purchase clothing wise, my 80s style floral dress. I wore this on my 21st birthday.

What is your dream job?

Designer of my own label.

What's your favourite magazine?
Whatever I can get for 75p at the market! I've gone through many magazine phases throughout my life, but now I just read whatever I find interesting, so I can't say I have a favourite. Here are some of my magazines, nice and organised for once. Hopefully I'll get a chance to look back through some of them soon, and find some interesting editorials.

What do you consider a fashion faux-pas?
Uggs, clear bra straps and Jack Wills.

Describe your personal style.
A bit of everything, I like to wear floral dresses and cardigans but also long tops and crazy leggings. Just whatever I feel comfortable in that day. I would like to take a few more risks though; with a crazy-full wardrobe you can end up getting lazy and wearing the same thing over and over again.

What are you going to do after this?
Go to sleep! It's late, and I've been watching Michael Jackson songs all day. R.I.P

Three styling tips that always work for you:
1. Never match anything! Your bag doesn't have to 'go' with your shoes, your your make-up doesn't have to match your dress, your earrings don't even have to be the same! Mismatched is fun.
2. Legs are there to be shown off.
3. Accept what works for your shape, but be open to new creations. So if you thought that hareem pants weren't your thing due to non-existent hips, there may be a certain cut, a certain style that may work for you. Just keep trying; you may be surprised.

Which Beatle is your favourite?
John Lennon, purely for the song Instant Karma.

What are you proud of?
Ah tricky, I'm only 21! Hopefully I'll have lots to be proud of in the future, like sorting out my degree and passing my driving test. At the moment, I feel like I'm a work in progress.

So the rules ... Respond and rework – answer the questions on your own blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, and add one more question of your own. Tag four others.

So I tag four random bloggers, though of course, everyone is welcome:

Because wearing black looks mysterious
Mess Your Hair Up
Daisy Chain
I love Runway

Hope you all have a nice weekend! I'm still unpacking...

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Musical interlude...

22 June 2009

Now there isn't a lot of music on this blog, partly due to me listening to the same itunes playlist repeatedly for six months, and being oblivious to anything new that comes along, but now I've finally found a new addition. It took a while for La Roux's songs to grow on me, (I wasn't sure whether the singing was too high for my liking) but now they have and I'm bitterly regretting not seeing them in Nottingham when I had the chance. Anyways, their new song Bulletproof is now out, and was an instant favourite in my mind when I first heard it, not just because of the catchy lyrics, but the amazing outfits Elly Jackson wears in the video (including some covetable leggings).

These appear to be embellished with sequins and chains, though it's difficult to make out the finer details, I'm still loving them.

This pair has a bit of everthing; the scribble like prints and flashes of colour complement the setting perfectly.

Lucky her, to be wearing the Autumn/Winter House of Holland collection, before summer's even out. Definitely liking the two-tone look. Here's the video in full for you to check out below if you haven't heard the song. Let me know what you think.

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The Graduates

18 June 2009

I think I'm far more interested in the recent graduate, rather than resort collections (though if I had to pick a few, it would have to be Wang, Balenciaga, Phillip Lim, Rag and Bone and Phi), as I'll be in the same position in less than two years time. Of course the Trent show is close to my heart, but it's interesting to see what the other universities are coming up with. It's never too early to be inspired, and I love how ideas have been drawn from the most unlikely of sources. I will definitely be filling my year out watching interesting films, reading dark novels and exploring the world, to generate potential concepts. Here are some interesting graduate collections I've found, which encompass the things I love; colour, shape and texture:

Hitomi Hoshino had some lovely plaited knits combined with subtle draping. I think I've found a new idea for my winter scarf...

The styling and look in Georgie Stroud's collection had a whiff of the Sonia Rykiel, very chic. I especially like the knitted bangles, and headpiece, perhaps an idea for a fancy dress or graduation ball headpiece?

I fell in love with the combination of textures created by Beatrice Newman's, where she used macramé, waeving fairisle and crochet among other things. Everything is so well thought out, down to the covetable fishnet leggings. Read more here.

Adam Sansom is an ex-Trent student, and I remember his crazy balaclava catsuits from a few years ago. How I do love a sculpted cable; such amazing skill shown in a highly wearable collection.

I don't normally feature menswear on this blog, but I just loved the shape of this jacket/shirt by Shaun Samson. There was also some fantastic chunky knits in this collection.

What a wonderful jumper-dress; deconstruction mixed in with a subtle jacquard pattern by Katherine Kerrison. I'm definitely inspired, yet somewhat scared about the amount of graduates out there, but the main thing is to make a collection I'm proud of, when the time comes. Until then, I have a few creative projects to work on, such as finishing the forgotten cricket jumper.

On another note, thanks for everyone who wished me luck with my packing. My Mum wasn't initially phased when she saw it all piled up in the living room, hallway and kitchen, and after much jenga-like packing, I managed to fit it all in. I will never take so much stuff to Uni again; who needs two routers, two mini-fridges, 5 cushions and mountains of paper? Let's see how long it takes me to unpack this lot...

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Time for a shopping ban?

13 June 2009

The consumption never ends; I finally bought my first pair of hareem pants after first pondering them in March. Really liking this Topshop pair, as the material is a smooth viscose as opposed to the casual jersey styles I've been seeing everywhere, so they can easily be dressed up. I feel rather liberated from all my tight leggings (though I won't be saying goodbye to them anytime soon). Can't wait to team them with all the leotards I keep buying.

Also found this gorgeous summery skirt in Hockley's Vintage Warehouse for a fiver. I like the insane amount of button holes on the waistband. Definitely needs a bit of shortening.

This American Apparel skirt wasn't so much of a bargain (it is the first non-discounted item I've bought from there, a very traumatic experience) but I really needed another high-waisted alternative. I'm sure I can get a lot of wear out of it; I think I've pretty much bought all of my summer wardrobe, so will have to reign in the spending a bit to concentrate on more important things like finding placements and taking driving tests.

The result of all this consumption means I somehow have to pack all this (and much, much more) into my Mums car (which really should have been a van). The joys of moving out of Uni housing. I'm going to miss Notts quite a bit, but I'm sure I'll quickly get used to London living.

Wish me luck...hope you all have a nice weekend!

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Time on my hands...

8 June 2009

My Looklet obsession is back! The site is now open to all, and is still the perfect antidote to shopping envy. As I said before, I prefer it to Polyvore, as the clothes are on actual 'models' as opposed to floating in mid-air, and the constant experimentation gives me ideas for my own wardrobe. It's like Cher's Clueless wardrobe on acid, and I can't get enough of it. There's now even more clothes, models and backgrounds, so I'm sure my addiction can only get more intense as I create more and more wannabe editorials.

I'm loving the shoes here...

A much tried and tested outfit formula, bright tights with everything!

I think the expression makes this look, it's as if someone turned up to a gathering wearing the same outfit as her!

Also, I received the cutest award from Eliza!

A thousand thank-yous! I was mucho excited to receive my first official award, from a wonderful, friendly blogger and it's a great start to my week. The rules state that I must pass it on to 15 newly found blogs, but the blogs below have been chosen for a variety of reasons, (mainly inspiration, support and general amazingness). Definitely check them out as you'll have hours of fun!

acid lungs
descend into darkness
Fashion Squad
leopard print and lace
luna supernova
outsapop trashion
renee sturme
res pulchrae
The fashion void that is DC
the new black
stoneage stomp
vintage tea

Now I must start all this packing...

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Ode to my brogues

5 June 2009

Just finished a dissertation presentation not so long ago. It's annoying we have to plan it 18 months before we actually have to write it, but it has got me thinking, especially as it's personally relevant. I'm looking at consumerism, namely the rise of the shopaholic; the need to always have something new, due to being dissatisfied by what you already possess. Sounds somewhat depressing spelled out in this way, doesn't it? However, I don't think I was dissatisfied when I ordered these brogues from Office (I already have them in two other colours...ooops), but I merely wanted to benefit from their excellent sale prices (£20) and abundance of size 8 shoes (rare in a sale). I think my need to shop is a practical one; decent fitting shoes are hard to come by for me, and since I've found a pair, I'm sticking with them. They'll be perfect with my summer dresses and any leggings/long top combination I throw at them.

Here's a slightly fuzzy picture of myself wearing the denim shirt again, it's safe to say I'm a fully converted obsessive. It's a perfect alternative to a cardigan on these schizo-weather days England is fond of.

I believe I've found my perfect winter coat, albeit 5 months too early. It's gorgeous Alaia, with an exquisite fluted shape. Have no idea how much it is, but am sure it'd take me many winters to save up. Better improve my pattern cutting skills...

Jak n Jil

I'm leaving Uni soon, so next week I'll be packing up my mess of a room. This needs some extreme mental preparation, as every nook and cranny has some kind of debris. Am so annoyed I'm missing out on the East End Thrift Store's Angels sale-esque rummage this weekend,;£10 a bag! I even had some sort of weird dream that I was there, and found brand new American Apparel leggings within the chaos. Obviously my jealous mind is working overtime. If you're in London, let me know if you go and find anything good. Hopefully this won't be the last of such sales, now when will Topshop catch on?

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Bandwagon jumping...

1 June 2009

So Summer's decided to make an appearance in the U.K again, bringing with it endless park visits (I now have an interesting gladiator sandal-shaped tanline on my foot), diets full of ice-cream and sporadic blog posting. It's tricky to dress for the higher temperatures, as I love to layer things up with scarves, cardigans and jackets, so I'm finding simplicity is key. I don't want to look like I'm constantly on the beach, so finding the perfect, stand-out pieces are important. Playsuits were another one of those trends I never thought I'd come around to, but after finding this number in Topshop, I'm now extremely convinced.

I think the fact it looks like a dress, but actually consists of blouson-style shorts helps; it's not far from my comfort zone, in fact a short bus ride away. Plus I like the fact that I can be safe with my bare legs, knowing that a gust of wind is not going to blow my hemline up (I swear this only seems to happen to me when wearing skirts and dresses, and am in a constant state of wind paranoia).

I love the print too; my floral clothing probably surpasses my leggings collection, but the timelessness of it all never fails to appeal.

Hopefully the weather will stay decent, so I can get maximum wear out of this.

Also bought my first denim shirt. Not being particularly original, but they seem to work so well when thrown over all sorts of things, (especially floral playsuits) and keep everything nice and casual. I am now a fully paid up member of the denim shirt brigade, though will have to wait until it cools down a bit to start wearing it properly. What are your picks for summer? Next on my list; a nice light-blue full skirt, which will probably be at the mercy of the wind. Oh well.

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