Too many cardigans

28 July 2009

I'm always on the lookout for a decent cardigan. Like leggings, I appear to own quite a few, as there's such variety out there (and I like to have many, many options). They're so easy to throw on over dresses or tops, making the look slightly more eclectic and less fussy, depending on what you team them with. It annoys me very much when it's too hot to wear one. I'm particularly drawn to vintage knits, as they seem to go a bit overboard on the textures and look delightedly cosy.

(funny how they're all leaning the same way, a new pose to adopt?)

I've had these stored in a little 'knit research' folder on my desktop for a while, as something to aim for when shopping. Extremely unlikely I know, but I live in hope. The red one on the far right is my absolute favourite, as the red brightens up something fairly smart and monochromatic, and the knitting intrigues me. I also think we have very similar shoes. Would prefer Chloe Sevigny's cabled jumper dress in cardigan form, as this style of dress has so far eluded me, and the embossed stripe style of the far left is pretty much perfect as it is.

Here's some more stuff I can't quite afford. In complete contrast to all the street style, I've gone for asymmetric, draped pieces in neutral colours (as well as a boxy cable knit). Some of the styles are in the sale, which is somewhat tempting, though I hope they go down further.

Was also drawn to the crazy patterns of this Marc by Marc Jacobs number, and think it would be surprisingly versatile. Why do I like such expensive cardigans? Good thing it's sold out.

Back to reality; I finished the back of my cricket jumper! Well I say jumper, in keeping with this post, I'm going to turn it into a cardigan! Not totally sure how realistic this is, as I'm just making up bits as I go along and knitting the front into two halves, but hopefully it'll turn out well and I'm sure I'll wear it more this way. Plus I want to get this finished and start all the other things I've planned to knit before Winter starts, a laddered cardigan, two scarves, maybe a hat...

Remember to enter the My Name Necklace competition. There's only a few entries at the moment, so you have a pretty good chance of winning one of two necklaces. Happy commenting!

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Not just another blogger giveaway...

24 July 2009

I love anything personalised, though I'm not quite sure why. Perhaps the appeal is wearing your identity so publicly, and having your own little logo to rival the likes of YSL and Chanel. These bits can be tricky to come by, as my name is unusual, and spelt differently (I remember getting school Christmas cards with dozens of interesting variations of my name), so most ready made things are lost on me. So no keyrings, mugs, notebooks and various other bits found in gift shops. Despite this, I still like my name and I especially like getting personalised jewellery made to show it off, so I was glad when I received this My Name Necklace in the post the other day.

Very useful, as many people mishear my name when in a noisy atmosphere, thinking I'm called 'Christopher' instead. Also, this is the first time I have put my name on this blog....not quite so annonymous anymore.

The chain is a little smaller than I would have liked, but I like how delicate it is in comparison to my other jewellery. Anyways, the point of this post is to share the blogger love. I have managed to sort out my first competition for you, my lovely readers, to win one of two necklaces from My Name Necklace. You can choose from gold or sterling silver, and various different chain lengths to adorn your neck. Could be nice for you, or a present for a well-deserving friend.

How to Enter
1. Leave a relevant comment on this post. It could be what you like (or don't like) about your name or any interesting things you've won.
In addition to your comment, you can:
2. Twitter about this competition, replying to @fashionknitsta.
3. Post about this competition on your blog.

This means you can enter up to 3 times! Everyone knows thats the magic number!
(please let me know about whether you've done 2 or 3 within your comment).

If you don't have a blog, leave a name and e-mail address. Absolutely anyone can enter; you can be from Florida, Frankfurt, Falmouth or Florence, it's truly international, unlike many giveaways at the moment (sobs at the sheer amount of clothing I could have potentially won). This competition will last for two weeks ending on August 7th at 11.59pm (GMT). I will then draw two winners, either using one of those random website name generators, or the good old-fashioned method of picking names from a hat (haven't decided yet). Either way it will be fair and square.

Happy commenting, and hopefully you will be as lucky as I was!

Another personalised thing I own, a bracelet I got in Hong Kong a few years ago. Unfortunately I dropped it on the floor and it broke...still trying to work out how to fix it. I cropped out my sad face.

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Marvellous Missoni

19 July 2009

Now, it may seem like I do a lot of shopping on this blog. This is very true. However, I occasionally search for other things to do with my time, something to provoke thought, rather than leave a hole in my wallet. After reading about the Missoni exhibition at the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art, I thought that I'd better pay a much needed visit to Islington. I was pleasantly surprised, in fact, overwhelmed by all the knitspiration (I should patent that word) on offer, and it even managed to engage my non-knitting friend (though she didn't quite understand why I was so ecstatic to see a room full of yarn). I've discovered a new found respect for the Missoni label, and I recommend that you go if you're in London this Summer especially as it's free to students (even my friend managed to get in with an expired student card)! Cue a heavily edited photo heavy post.

I loved the patchwork jumpers of the mens collection, and it was great to see them close up. The Missoni's are partial to the 'Space' knitting technique, which is how they get an irregular mix of colour in some of their designs. It is said to be unplanned, like nature.

The exhibition really highlights the origins of the design house, and how its had to develop and reinvent itself throughout the years to reach its fabulous Autumn Winter collection. There was a really interesting documentary in one of the rooms, detailing the journey of the Missoni family, with the founders Ottavio and Rosita coming across as passionate and experimental, with a love of the irregular. Their home is definitely a place I'd love to visit, the complete opposite of minimalist, with eclectic inspiration crammed into every nook and cranny. Unfourtunately I couldn't find any images from the film, but I remember seeing a comical picture of the Missoni family in their crazy knits as well of some of their sketches. There are plenty of similar ones around the gallery.

I definitely want this retro poster on my wall...unfourtunately there wasn't a lot in the exhibition shop. Such a missed marketing oppurtunity.

Here is the aforementioned room full of yarn, very exciting as some were actual Missoni yarns. There's also a film showing a day in the life of an electronic knitting machine, as well as some drawings and Futurust inspiration.

Here's me trying to blend in.... Some of the knitted mannequins sit well alongside the existing Futurist artwork. Methinks this pattern would make a great knitted bodysuit. This exhibition has definitely got me thinking and I'm very glad I went and helped my friend to understand more about knitwear (my course takes a lot of explaining). I thoroughly recommend you bring your friends along, and all become as obsessed with knitting as I am.

There's probably going to be a lot more knitting related posts here, as I'm going to start a placement with Cooperative Designs next week, which I'm really excited about. Slightly worried as I haven't knitted anything for two months, but the colours and textures of this exhibition has got me all geared up for it, so hopefully it'll go well and I can learn a great deal. Definitely need to start making lists so I get more stuff done in the free time that I have. I'll let you know how it all goes...I need some new songs on my iPod for the long commute.

Hope the weather sorts itself out.

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Topshop Invasion

15 July 2009

I have yet again succumbed to the lure of Topshop. I know a lot of people are posting about the shopping mecca at the moment, but it's impossible for me to stop the buying- I work there! Every shift is like a prolonged shopping expedition, and if I were paid for the amount of hours I've spent surfing the website, I'd probably be able to buy a whole trend! Seriously, I think the key to avoid looking like a clone, is to buy the basics, and team them with vintage or other random bits. This is what I tried to achieve when shopping on the website, then totally abandoned when shopping in the sale. Here's what I managed to find...

I'd been checking daily that these Agnes boots hadn't sold out, and finally caved when stocks got dangerously low. Heeled boots had been on my mind ever since bloggers started raving about the sold out and sought after Emma Cook boots, but I secretly wanted something a bit simpler, yet still 'edgy'. These boots are perfect, as they lace up, so my feet are more than secure, and have a nice thick heel, which doesn't throw me off balance. I thought my gargantuan feet might need the elusive size 9, but luckily the 8's fit fine, and they are beginning to feel (sort of) comfortable. Here's to breaking them in.

I also bought these cut-out leggings in the sale. Are they pair 26 or 27? I've lost count. I seriously need to ban myself from buying leggings, whatever happened to making my own creations? Seriously, this pair was too tempting to leave on the rail, I like the idea of layering them over crazy patterns and colours in Winter. I also bought the draped crop tops in grey and navy, plus the glittery skirt which leaves a trail wherever I go (much to the dismay of my driving instructor) and some high-waisted short shorts.

These bits on my wishlist represent what I hope to find in the coming months; some kind of sequinned outerwear, a quirky dress (preferably this stripy, witchy number), a detailed loose top and a new coat, different to the ones I already own. Meanwhile I'd better start selling some serious amounts of clothing on eBay to keep myself's definitely time for a clearout. I found a post on a newly found blog, that definitely resonated with me. She writes 'Somehow, my clothes that I left here seem to have mated and produced ugly children', which is how I felt when I looked in the much forgotten drawer under my bed. Anyways, have you seen anything in Topshop that you like? Has it taken over your wardrobe as much as mine?

Seeing Harry Potter tomorrow; I can't wait!

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So last decade

11 July 2009

Apologies for the severe lack of posts, but after mourning the end of Wimbledon (and the defeat of both Andys), I've been throwing myself into my employment, and doing some much needed overtime to fund my internet shopping addiction. The temperatures here have plummeted somewhat, and we've seen some crazy downpours, which has reverted me back to pre-Summer dressing, meaning I get to wear my beloved scarves, jackets and boots again. This means my eBay obsession is back, and I managed to find this cute lace crop top for £6, orginally from Urban Outfitters. I love the fact it's slightly longline, and could potentially be teamed with many of my extremely high waisted skirts. I also finally managed to locate some £5 Primarni (Primark) jeggings, after many weeks of searching.

Perhaps a potential outfit? Unlikely, but this kind of look is unmistakably 90s. I've been looking in some of my Mum's old magazines for inspiration (she keeps them because it reminds her of when I was young and cute), as I'm beginning to favour the last decade of the millenium. There's so much I found that would be relevant today, including some outfits to satisfy my lace obsession. Here's some stuff that I would love to pop up on eBay:

Hopefully this week I'll be receiving some more purchases through the post, and will make it into Central London to see an exhibition, as well as more of the much needed employment. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Wizards of Oz

5 July 2009

I've been extremely inspired recently by Australian designers and shops. Maybe this is due to me watching a little bit too much Australia's Next Top Model on YouTube (Claire and Adele were probably the best dressed in my opinion) and loving the relaxed yet stylish way of dressing of certain bloggers. Reversed seasons make no difference to me; I'd want to wear this stuff all year round, but particularly for Autumn Winter, layered with the obligatory tights and cardigan to make it British-weather-proof. This is what I hope to be channeling, come September.

There was a lot to love on the Gripp Jeans site. That double layered tank is styled to perfection, and as everyone knows, I love a quirky knit.

I now find myself craving a mesh shirt/cardigan, like this one seen at Es-Trella. I've chosen the more muted pieces in the collection as my faves, as the details really stand out. I love the marbled effect of the dress and there's a similar t-shirt on the site that I'd love to recreate. Better practice my dip-dyeing.

I really want a coat with toggles for Winter, and this offering from Lover is more edgy than cute. Sleeves would probably useful for our British Winters, but the layering possibilities are endless. Perhaps only in Australia.

Loving this black tiered dress from My Pet Square, and also the assorted layered tartans. Also like the possibility of a crop top in Winter over a long sleeved top.

Looks like acid wash is here to stay, courtesy of The Cassette Society; I love the shape of the dress in the middle. I also love the model's hair, but maybe acquiring the dress is more likely for me.

On another note, I'm gutted I missed the Luella sample sale on Thurs-Fri. Bags for £75, clothes for less; damn my employment/love of tennis. Hopefully they'll do another one in the near future, or maybe I can make it to Bicester and get equally decent bargains. My Margo bag needs a sister....

Anyways, a slightly belated Happy Independence Day to any American readers I may have (I'm not sure how many, so make yourselves known)! Can't wait to be out there next year to experience it for myself!

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Pinch, punch, first of the month

1 July 2009

Isn't the weather in London/England actually amazing for once? Even though it's tricky to sleep, makes my hair frizz and occasionally brings me out in allergic reactions, I definitely prefer the summer months, and a this heatwave is a bonus. After many days of lazing around the house watching Wimbledon (go Andy Murray!), I had a brief visit to Brighton with some friends. I wore my Payday treat, a Motel playsuit (reduced to £20 in their excellent sale, though it seems to have jumped up to £30 now), that I'd previously tried on in my pre-playsuit obsession phase. Twas a slightly controversial situation, as my friend also owns it in the top/dress form, so we basically looked like we were wearing some kind of summer uniform. Oh well, I love it anyways.

I like to think I've caught the sun a little bit.

Didn't take many pictures in Brighton, but here's one I took of the slightly arty-looking burnt down pier. There's so much else to see there, lots of quirky shops and restaurants, I definitely need to go back for a longer visit.

Also bought this DIY Octopus necklace from Etsy. It's so easy to make, and there's lots of other bits on the site, so may start making my own jewellery for myself and some friends. Definitely adds a personal touch. I'm on the hunt for a pony or large key necklace next.

Hope you're all enjoying the weather, wherever you are!

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