Bloggers and Blagging at Bryant Park

15 February 2010

You might have guessed from my tweets and various other blogs that New York Fashion Week is back with a vengeance, hosting it's last season at the Bryant Park venue.  Due to work commitments (and perhaps a touch self-doubt), I perhaps didn't put as much effort as I could have into securing invites but I was excited to be a part of the general atmosphere and to meet some bloggers at a nearby cafe.  I arrived at Les Pain Quotidien promptly at 1.30 and instantly recognised the lovely Deanne from Dream Sequins.

I didn't even realise this was being taken...lovely side view chatting with Princess Poochie
Could this grin get any cheesier?  Deanne and I have a photo op.
Check out Rachel's blog for some great photography...I was so envious of her media pass

I also met Rachel, a photography-enthusiast and had a mini-interview with Aneta about the whole bloggers vs editors debate.  I hope she can somehow edit out my bemused expressions and rapid eyebrow movements; I'll let you know when the films up.


Afterwards, I somehow made my way into the tents with Rachel and soaked up the general atmosphere inside.  New York differs to London Fashion Week in the way that much of the people-watching is done on the inside, with multiple corporate booths and bars to entertain the fashionistas.  I recognised a few bloggers and magazine people and even saw Rachel Zoe! 


I wasn't sure if I could make it into a show, but I was pleasantly surprised to get a fourth row seat at Twinkle by Wenlan.   I didn't know much about the brand before I went in, but was pleasantly surprised to see a focus on chunky knits layered over slim silhouettes and quirky prints.  Everything shown was 'pretty' in a not so typical way,  referencing the 'dark fairy tale' theme and I could definitely see myself in some of the cocktail dresses.

All images from WWD, as mine just weren't good enough...

Stay tuned for more of my random NYFW posts, including the amazingly random Y-3 show...



  1. Fantastic ! It looks like you had such fun!

  2. How exciting! Cannot wait to read more NYFW posts :)

  3. SO exciting, and you are beautifulll.

  4. Hey hun, was fantastic to meet you yesterday. Maybe we can catch up at the tents this week. Drop me an email.

  5. This is way awesome. Glad you got to attend, I would've loved to go!

  6. Looks like a ridiculous amount of fun, I wish I could have gone!

  7. oh God!
    I would love to see Rachel Zoe too, she is so cool!

  8. ahh i am so jealous!!
    that is so AMAZING you are at new york fashion week
    keep the post coming, i'll look forward to seeing more images :D

  9. Oooh so lucky! Looks amazing and your view at Twinkle was awesome! Man...I want a UK version of the IFB conference to make it over here.

  10. it was quite lovely to meet all of you!
    take care love xo