Flowers, tartan and tags galore (OOTW)

8 February 2010

It's hard to know what to wear to work sometimes, especially in a slightly corporate fashion environment, but luckily the dress code isn't too strict and I haven't had to really adjust my style. Even though I'm a lowly intern, I try to express my personality and creativity through what I wear so that hopefully, people can see more of what I'm made of.  What do you wear to work?

(The F21 dress bought here in action)

Dress - Forever 21
Cardigan - H&M
Thermal top (worn underneath) - Heattech by Uniqlo
Belt - Vintage
Chunky Bracelet - Freedom 
(Mostly impractical when working but a lethal weapon if needs be)
Tights - Asos and Topshop


Cardigan, knitted tank and skirt - Topshop
Tartan long sleeve - Beacons closet (seen here)
Leggings - Conway 
(A somewhat tacky shop with surprisingly decent basic leggings.  It's like Primark's less organised distant cousin)
Boots - Steve Madden



Cardigan - H&M
Dress - Forever 21
Tights - Calzedonia 
Shoes - Office 
Belt - Vintage
Necklace - This Charming Girl
Bracelet - Freedom


Cardigan - All Saints 
(My sale bargain bought in the Bloomingdales concession, somehow the pricing can work out cheaper over here)
Asymmetric Top - Splendid
Panelled Leggings - Topshop
Boots - Steve Madden
Necklaces - Freedom and Marc Jacobs
Bracelet - Freedom

Some bonus photos for all you tights fanatics

I was very happy to recieve a tag and award this week.  Firstly, the award comes from The Right Hypoteneuse:

So I tag some bloggers who fill me with sunshine:
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I also got tagged at Madness of Mundanity to reveal seven weird and wonderful facts about myself, so here we go...

1.   I eat with my cutlery in the wrong hands, so the fork is in the right and the knife is on the left.  Despite being told by my parents to change to the usual way, it just won't happen and never will.
2.  I physically can't watch Deal or No Deal as I hate to see people lose after making the wrong decisions.
3.  I can eat foods in certain forms, but not others. Take tomatoes, I will eat them sundried, in ketchup or in sauces but will pick them out of salads and sandwiches as I don't really like the texture of the fresh variety.  I can eat tuna raw in sushi but never in tinned form.
4.  I'm a fast walker and busy places like Oxford Street (or most parts of Manhattan) really annoy me.  I think there needs to be a fast and slow lane.
5.  When I was younger, before the fashion aspirations, I wanted to be a chef.  Can you tell I'm obsessed with food?
6.  I also used to love writing stories but never got round to finishing them, despite planning them thoroughly from beginning to end. There was a vampire based tale about a loner named Pandora who went to boarding school, which could have netted me Twilight-style millions if finished (I jest).
7.  It's rather fitting, but I think of any number including a 7 as being lucky, purely because I was born on the 17th.  There is no logic to this thinking, but I guess I just like the number 7!

Hopefully you're not too freaked out by me that you won't read this blog again; I tag you all!



  1. I think your work outfits are fab you can see that you are creative and putting your own style in to what you wear.
    I am lucky I work in retail and get loads of free uniform so I can be really creative the madder the better xoxo

  2. well, you can probably guess I approve of the tights! I also love the floral dress on you :)

  3. Great outfits.Workwear can be difficult as you want to express your individuality but sometimes there are those unwritten rules/ dress codes.

    Unfortunately, I work from home so don't make too much effort with my work wear. I try and get out to as many lunches and networking meeting as possible to give me the chance to get dressed up a bit.

  4. I really love the outfits.
    And i have the same problem, i eat with the fork in the wrong hand. And i agree, we don't have to change it!:)

  5. I also eat with my cutlery in the wrong hands, so the fork is in the right and the knife is on the left. I'm not left-handed, it just seems to make more sense to me to do it that way.

  6. thats some serious tights and leggings porn! i wanna buy some more tights now! x

  7. i eat with my knife and fork the wrong way around! i just can't do it the other way! and someone always has to comment on it when i'm at meals with other people.

    im also born on the 17th!

    cant say i ever wanted to be a chef though.i always wanted to be a fashion designer haha

    hope your living it large in nyc!x

  8. ohhh I love tuesday & friday's outfits! and those tights! J'ADORE :)



  9. My goodness, you look totally fab everyday?!

    Congratulations on your award!

  10. i love your floral dress!

  11. No work on Wednesdays?
    Please please please finish the vampire story. We need a good vampire story in the midst of all the crap coming out these days.

  12. The friday outfit is so beautiful!