All the fun of the Flea

6 March 2010

It's often said that the best time to head to any kind of market or car-boot sale is early in the morning.  After all, you want to get to all the good stuff before all the eBay vultures (rich coming from me)  and  bargain hunters get their hands on it.  I hadn't intended to arrive at the Brooklyn Flea around 3.45 (one hour and 15 minutes before closing time), but after a slightly lengthened lie-in and delayed hair appointment,  I was still determined to pay it a visit (and to end the shopping ban imposed on myself for the past fortnight).

The Brooklyn Flea is situated at One Hanson Place for the time being, an amazing building that used to be a bank 

Vintage reconstructed dresses, shown by one seller

Shoes were often too small for my gargantuan feet, but I may be considering trying out those belonging to the opposite sex...

There were too many vendors to explore in the time I was there (It's spread out over 3 floors, with food in the basement); will definitely be back earlier next time

The 'Flea' as it's affectionately known, is a step up from a car-boot sale, with a mixture of seasoned traders and crafty types selling their wares.  Not only was I drawn to the clothing and jewellery, but also to the random antiques and collectibles and I could have easily ended up going home with numerous trinkets.  I love the unexpected nature of these places.

Subway maps from the past fascinated me

 Vintage bags galore

I miss my dress form back in London...

Hunt for a crazy knit in a box; more shoes that cannot fit....

Ello, ello, ello; I'll put more photos here
The Brooklyn Flea is only at this location until the end of the month, when it moves outside to Fort Greene and DUMBO (wherever that is).  I'll let you know if I manage to locate it and how the outdoor market compares; I can almost envision lazy Spring weekends spent there until my visa expires.  Have you got any similar places where you live? 

My checked shirt I bought for $20, reminds me of my old school kilt, but I like the understated colour contrast.  My Williamsburg transformation is complete...



  1. indoor flea market? amazing.

  2. There is a flea market in Birmingham's Custard factory on a sat and sunday but it's nowhere on the scale of this one and a tad overpriced, such a lovely setting! That vintage mirror in the box is such a lovely find. Great post!

  3. OH MY GOD this looks incredible! I'm so so jealous.
    This is my version of heaven! haha :)



  4. Woah, this looks insane. I'm so jealous

    and how i'd love to be in NYC. sounds amazingg
    one day...


  5. oh this looks so amazing! I'm so jealous! The shirt is lovelyyyy

  6. This is the first time I've stopped by your blog and I love it! I've never been to a flea market before, but I'm planning to go to one tomorrow and am very excited!


  7. Oh dear, I will go bankrupt in that kind of place! Go back and post more photos :)

  8. wow this place looks amazing! its the sort of place you could spend all day at.. its so annoying about the shoes though. i sort of wanna be a weird size so that i can actually buy shoes in sales but im a uk 6 which is so annoyingly normal!! x

  9. hey hey you must take me there next time :p

    goddamn you in NY!

    The shoes look interesting.. bet they would fit me HEHE

    Hope you're having a fab time over there (certainly seems so!) but come back soon!


  10. Hi Kb! I really have to get myself to the Brooklyn Flea... You captured some beautiful shots here! Looks like some great treasures for those who have the patience to browse..

  11. what an amazing post, I so want to be there.

  12. Hiya,
    Just kinda stumbled onto your blog + i love it.
    Its RAD. With a big fat R (:
    You have great style, so i'll deffo be back, well done!
    Panda x

  13. Looks amazing! I so need a trip to NY.

  14. Waah flea market, I love it! I myself am on my way to one.. craving vintage goodness, especially after seeing this post!

  15. oh wow this i love that is a shame been living in nyc for about 6 years now n havent taken advantage of this city like u definetly thinking of going here